List of MeSH codes (D12.125)

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This is part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

MeSH D12 --- amino acids, peptides, and proteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.125 --- amino acids[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.042 --- alanine[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.065 --- amino acid chloromethyl ketones[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.067 --- amino acids, acidic[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.068 --- amino acids, basic[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.070 --- amino acids, branched-chain[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.072 --- amino acids, cyclic[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.095 --- amino acids, diamino[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.119 --- amino acids, dicarboxylic[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.142 --- amino acids, essential[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.154 --- amino acids, neutral[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.166 --- amino acids, sulfur[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.190 --- aminobutyric acids[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.213 --- aminocaproic acids[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.262 --- aminolevulinic acid[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.311 --- canavanine[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.373 --- creatine[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.427 --- excitatory amino acids[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.481 --- glycine[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.526 --- homoserine[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.608 --- kynurenine[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.730 --- oxamic acid[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.740 --- phosphoamino acids[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.755 --- quisqualic acid[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.780 --- rna, transfer, amino acyl[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.837 --- serine[sửa]

MeSH D12.125.901 --- threonine[sửa]

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