List of MeSH codes (D12.776.641)

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This is is a sub-part (nerve tissue proteins only) of List of MeSH codes (D12.776), itself a part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH D12.776.641 -- nerve tissue proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.050 -- agrin

MeSH D12.776.641.124 -- chimerin proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.124.200 -- chimerin 1

MeSH D12.776.641.199 -- chromogranins

MeSH D12.776.641.249 -- dopamine and camp-regulated phosphoprotein 32

MeSH D12.776.641.299 -- fragile x mental retardation protein

MeSH D12.776.641.400 -- gap-43 protein

MeSH D12.776.641.480 -- glucose transporter type 3

MeSH D12.776.641.520 -- hu paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis antigens

MeSH D12.776.641.560 -- microtubule-associated proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.560.450 -- kinesin

MeSH D12.776.641.560.510 -- tau proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.580 -- myelin proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.580.500 -- myelin-associated glycoprotein

MeSH D12.776.641.580.510 -- myelin basic proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.580.550 -- myelin p0 protein

MeSH D12.776.641.580.580 -- myelin proteolipid protein

MeSH D12.776.641.590 -- natriuretic peptide, brain

MeSH D12.776.641.600 -- nerve growth factors

MeSH D12.776.641.600.100 -- brain-derived neurotrophic factor

MeSH D12.776.641.600.212 -- ciliary neurotrophic factor

MeSH D12.776.641.600.325 -- glia maturation factor

MeSH D12.776.641.600.381 -- glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factors

MeSH D12.776.641.600.437 -- nerve growth factor

MeSH D12.776.641.600.550 -- neuregulins

MeSH D12.776.641.600.775 -- neurotrophin 3

MeSH D12.776.641.600.887 -- pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide

MeSH D12.776.641.615 -- neuroendocrine secretory protein 7b2

MeSH D12.776.641.630 -- neurofilament proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.640 -- neurogranin

MeSH D12.776.641.642 -- neuronal apoptosis-inhibitory protein

MeSH D12.776.641.645 -- neuronal calcium-sensor proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.645.124 -- guanylate cyclase-activating proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.645.249 -- hippocalcin

MeSH D12.776.641.645.374 -- kv channel-interacting proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.645.500 -- neurocalcin

MeSH D12.776.641.645.750 -- recoverin

MeSH D12.776.641.650 -- neuropeptides

MeSH D12.776.641.650.070 -- angiotensins

MeSH D12.776.641.650.085 -- bombesin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.090 -- bradykinin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.095 -- calcitonin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.097 -- calcitonin gene-related peptide

MeSH D12.776.641.650.100 -- carnosine

MeSH D12.776.641.650.105 -- cholecystokinin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.120 -- corticotropin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.125 -- corticotropin-releasing hormone

MeSH D12.776.641.650.200 -- delta sleep-inducing peptide

MeSH D12.776.641.650.235 -- fmrfamide

MeSH D12.776.641.650.250 -- galanin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.300 -- gastric inhibitory polypeptide

MeSH D12.776.641.650.315 -- gastrin-releasing peptide

MeSH D12.776.641.650.320 -- gastrins

MeSH D12.776.641.650.340 -- glucagon precursors

MeSH D12.776.641.650.350 -- gonadorelin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.460 -- melanocyte-stimulating hormones

MeSH D12.776.641.650.463 -- motilin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.465 -- msh release-inhibiting hormone

MeSH D12.776.641.650.470 -- msh-releasing hormone

MeSH D12.776.641.650.500 -- neuropeptide y

MeSH D12.776.641.650.525 -- neurophysins

MeSH D12.776.641.650.550 -- neurotensin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.575 -- opioid peptides

MeSH D12.776.641.650.600 -- pancreatic polypeptide

MeSH D12.776.641.650.610 -- peptide phi

MeSH D12.776.641.650.625 -- pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide

MeSH D12.776.641.650.640 -- pituitary hormone release inhibiting hormones

MeSH D12.776.641.650.645 -- pituitary hormone-releasing hormones

MeSH D12.776.641.650.680 -- prolactin release-inhibiting hormone

MeSH D12.776.641.650.700 -- prolactin-releasing hormone

MeSH D12.776.641.650.705 -- secretin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.720 -- somatostatin

MeSH D12.776.641.650.740 -- somatotropin-releasing hormone

MeSH D12.776.641.650.800 -- tachykinins

MeSH D12.776.641.650.810 -- thyrotropin-releasing hormone

MeSH D12.776.641.650.875 -- vasoactive intestinal peptide

MeSH D12.776.641.650.900 -- vasopressins

MeSH D12.776.641.652 -- olfactory marker protein

MeSH D12.776.641.655 -- s100 proteins

MeSH D12.776.641.655.500 -- leukocyte l1 antigen complex

MeSH D12.776.641.750 -- synapsins

MeSH D12.776.641.800 -- synaptophysin

MeSH D12.776.641.860 -- synucleins

MeSH D12.776.641.860.500 -- alpha-synuclein

MeSH D12.776.641.860.625 -- beta-synuclein

MeSH D12.776.641.860.750 -- gamma-synuclein

MeSH D12.776.641.920 -- tubulin