Khóa huấn luyện Tin sinh học tại ĐH Công nghệ Hà Nội 2007

Bước tới: chuyển hướng, tìm kiếm

Chuẩn bị có 1 workshop về BI tại Đại học CN, ĐHQG Hà Nội. Thể lệ đăng ký thì chưa rõ, sẽ cập nhật sau. Dưới đây là nội dung (có thể thay đổi một số chi tiết vì đang lên kế hoạch)


This workshop is organized with the objectives of:

•Introducing bioinformatics tools and applications to educators and researchers from Vietnam.
•Introducing bioinformatics curriculum and course coordination to educators from Vietnam.
•Introducing bioinformatics resource administration and provisioning to system administrators and laboratory technologists.
•Fostering the establishment of collaborative links with institutes in that region by promoting their involvement in regional and international organizations such as the APBioNet, ISCB, FAOBMB and IUBMB.

Training Goals[sửa]

•To conduct introductory lectures in Bioinformatics for biologists and molecular biologists with little or no prior experience of bioinformatics
•To demonstrate the use of bioinformatics tools and applications commonly encountered in a typical molecular biology laboratory
•To practise participants on the usage of selected bioinformatics tools and applications
•To conduct introductory lectures on how to plan a curriculum, coordinate an undergraduate course module or a postgraduate workshop on bioinformatics and provision infrastructure and bioinformatics resources
•To conduct introductory lectures on how to build, operate, manage and maintain computational resources for supporting bioinformatics


After this workshop, we will have achieved the following:

•Up to 50 Vietnamese bioscience researchers trained in the usage of basic bioinformatics tools, with the resources available to continue using these tools for their research
•A draft curriculum for implementation of bioinformatics training at the undergraduate level
•A draft curriculum for implementation of bioinformatics training at the graduate level, designed for re-training of biologists and biochemists to be equipped to carry out basic bioinformatics techniques in their research
•A basic bioinformatics resource and biocomputational service comprising a bioinformatics server with databases and software, to be set up in the Vietnam National University able to undergo APBioNet accreditation as a National or Institutional Bioinformatics node.
•A few system administrators and network managers able to maintain the bioinformatics resource and servcie for regular courses to be carried out at the University.

Tentative program[sửa]

•12 days in 2007, covering lectures, demos and hands-on practical sessions for bioinformatics tools and applications, curriculum, provisioning of resources.

•Invited Guest Speakers include

  • Dr Tan Tin Wee
Board Director, Chair, Regional Affiliates Committee
International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB)
  • Dr Martti Tammi
Research Associate, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Dept of Biochemistry and Dept of Biological Sciences,
National University of Singapore
  • Dr Shoba Ranganathan
Chair Professor in Bioinformatics, Macquarie University, Sydney
and Chairperson, S* Alliance
  • Dr Alan Christoffels
Research Scientist
Temasek Life Science Laboratories, Singapore

•Curriculum and program

The Workshop will include the following topics

+Survey of all major Bioinformatics Databases
+Survey of all key Bioinformatics Software applications
+Bioinformatics Web services
+Principles of Sequence comparison and alignment
+All flavours of BLAST and BLAST interpretation
+Patterns and Motifs, regular expressions and profiles
+Phylogenetic trees and inference
+Principles of Structural Biology
+BioMolecular Homology Modelling
+Simple BioApplication of Hidden Markov Models HMM
+Simple BioApplication of Support Vector Machines SVM
+Simple BioApplication of Artificial Neural Networks ANN
+Clustering in Microarray applications
+Basics of the Internet, file transfer, WWW, remote login, DNS, email
+Basics of Unix operating system and file system
+Simple Unix shell scripting
+Simple PERL
+HTML and XML in bioinformatics web services
+Basic concepts of CGI
+Simple PERL Programming for bioinformatics CGI application
+Simple MySQL
+Basic GUI scripting using Dialog
+Simple Web-based administration of a Unix bioinformatics service
+Setting up a bioinformatics server.

Size of Workshop Class:

•Maximum 50, or more on a partial sharing basis, for Workshop Hands-on Practical sessions
•100 or more for the Lecture sessions

Proposed Dates[sửa]

14 days in 2007 with two overlapping teams of instructors

Nếu bạn quan tâm có thể để lại họ tên và địa chỉ email ở phần trao đổi. Chúng tôi sẽ thông báo cho bạn ngày khai giảng.

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