New Erasmus Mundus Master Course in computational Mechanics 2007

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I am writing you to bring to your attention a new Master Course on Computational Mechanics, which has been awarded the Erasmus Mundus label.

It is an international Master course given jointly in English by the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (Barcelona), University of Wales (Swansea), Ecole Centrale Nantes and Universität Stuttgart with the collaboration of CIMNE International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Barcelona).

The Erasmus Mundus program:

  1. selects high-quality integrated masters courses,
  2. gives scholarships to highly qualified graduate students and

scholars from non European countries to follow or participate in the selected masters courses.

Scholarships for students are 21 000 Euros per year.

This master course requires that students:

  1. stay in two different countries along the program,
  2. follow one year of standard courses/modules,
  3. are placed in industry or in an applied research (2nd year)^
  4. defend a master thesis (end of 2nd year).

If you think that there might be any interested student in your institution please let us know and direct him or her to the web page: <> . Attached is the flyer describing briefly the Master Course.

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