Berkeley Human Biology 131

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This market leading human biology text emphasizes the relationships of humans to other living things. Human Biology remains user friendly; relevancy and pedagogy are among its strengths. In this edition, as in previous editions, each chapter presents the topic clearly and distinctly so that students will feel capable of achieving an adult level of understanding. Detailed, high-level scientific data and terminology are not included because Dr. Mader believes that true knowledge consists of working concepts rather than technical facility.

Renowned for her effective learning systems, respected author Sylvia Mader has helped thousands of entry-level students understand and enjoy the principles of human anatomy and physiology. Mader expertly weaves up-to-date informative content with effective learning systems, piecing together the facts and fascination of human anatomy and physiology. With the fifth edition of Understanding Human Anatomy and Physiology, your introductory, one-semester students have the opportunity to experience an effective blend of up-to-date, informational content with several new features and an extensively enhanced multimedia support system.

About the Author

Dr. Sylvia Mader is the best-selling author of introductory biology textbooks. Other books she has authored for WCB include: Inquiry Into Life, Human Biology, Introduction to Biology, and Understanding Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Chi tiết[sửa]

Authors: Sylvia S. Mader
Hardcover: 444 pages
Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies; 5th Ed (2004)
Language: English
ISBN: 0072935170

Mục lục[sửa]

  1. A Human Perspective
    I Human Organization
  2. Chemistry of Life
  3. Cell Structure and Function
  4. Organization and Regulation of Body Systems
    II Maintenance of the Human Body
  5. Digestive System and Nutrition
  6. Composition and Function of the Blood
  7. Cardiovascular System
  8. Respiratory System
  9. Urinary System and Excretion
    III Movement and Support in Humans
  10. Skeletal System
  11. Muscular System
    IV Integration and Coordination in Humans
  12. Nervous System
  13. Senses
  14. Endocrine System
    V Reproduction in Humans
  15. Reproductive System
  16. Development and Aging
    VI Human Genetics
  17. Chromosomal Inheritance
  18. Genes and Medical Genetics
  19. DNA and Biotechnology
    VII Human Disease
  20. Defenses Against Disease
  21. Parasites and Pathogens
  22. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  23. Cancer
    VIII Human Evolution and Ecology
  24. Human Evolution
  25. Global Ecology
  26. Population, Resources, and Pollution
  27. Saving the World's Biodiversity

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