Food Research International 37 (5):461-467, 2004

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Dough properties and bread quality of flours supplemented with cross-linked cornstarches
 Tạp chí Food Research International 2004 June; 37 (5):461-467
 Tác giả   Pham Van HUNG and Naofumi MORITA
 Nơi thực hiện   Laboratory of Food Chemistry, Graduate School of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, College of Agriculture, Osaka Prefecture University, 1-1, Gakuen-cho, Sakai, Osaka 599-8531, Japan
 Từ khóa   Breadmaking; Cross-linking; Cornstarch; Modified starch; Waxy cornstarch
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Effects of cross-linked cornstarches (CLCSs) and vital gluten substituted for wheat flour (5–15%) on rheological properties and bread quality were tested. The substituted flours made stronger, more stable dough and bigger loaf volume than did the control. The substitution of low-swelling cross-linked waxy cornstarch (L-CWCS) made the dough softer and more extensible than that of low- and high-swelling cross-linked non-waxy cornstarches (L-CNCS and H-CNCS). The gelatinization and peak temperatures of the substituted flours were lower than those of the control, while the peak viscosity was higher. The firmness of breadcrumbs baked with L-CNCS (5% or 10%), H-CNCS (5% or 10%) or L-CWCS (5%, 10% or 15%) and vital gluten were softer than that from the control. In addition, the flour substituted with higher-swelling-degree CLCS (H-CNCS) had the stronger dough, bigger loaf volume and softer breadcrumbs than that with lower-swelling-degree CLCSs (L-CNCS or L-CWCS). From these results, an optimum amount of CLCS is expected to be used to improve dough and baking properties of wheat flour.

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