International Symposium at HUT, No. 5, March 6th, 2006

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Eyes treatment equipment applying digital technique
 Tạp chí International Symposium at HUT. 2006 March 3; 5 (1):
 Tác giả   Nguyen Duc Thuan, Dao Quang Huan, Duong Trong Luong, Vu Duy Hai, Nguyen Viet Dung, Nguyen Thai Ha, Lai Huu Phuong Trung, Pham Ngoc Tien
 Nơi thực hiện   Department of Electronics Technology and Biomedical electronics Engineering, Hanoi University of Technology
 Từ khóa   Galvanic current
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Our first version of eyes treatment equipment was design using Galvanic current. It was used effectively in National Ophthalmology Hospital. But this design was mainly based on analog technique. In the new version, we have designed a more intelligent equipment using microcontroller to control most of parameters such as: treatment current, treatment time, display, reset, alarm and safety systems, inversion of electrode polarites. The equipment was completely assembled and tested.


Currently, disease treatment by using Glavanic current combining drug have attained considerable effect. Leduc's experiment proved that, drug was seperated by direct current into ions, which pushed into body through skin by electrode. This treatment is more effective than using drug only. Moreover, the effect of drug lasts many hours or many days after each treatment case.

Galvanic current are often continuous or interrupted direct current with short rest.

Since 1999, we have designed the first ophthalmic treatment equipment by this method. This equipment was designed based on analog circuits. It was effectively used in National Ophthalmology Hospital. However, controlling of treatment current did not respond a wide range of patient's resistance, so it had to be adjusted in each treatment case.

The second generation of this equipment was developed and named BK-GALe with isolating at 2nd level, stable mechanism of treatment current using MOSFET, opto coupler and digital control.

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