International Symposium at HUT, No. 7, March 6th, 2006

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Radiation from a parallel- plate waveguide with multiple dielectric layers above a tilted Flange surface of finite-size
 Tạp chí International Symposium at HUT. 2006 March 3; 7 (1):29-34
 Tác giả   Dao Ngoc Chien, Pham Thanh Cong
 Nơi thực hiện   Department of Telecommunication Systems, Hanoi University of Technology
 Từ khóa   Parallel- Plate Waveguide
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A parallel-plate waveguide (PPW) with multiple dielectric layers above a tilted flange surface of finiti-size is considered as a dielectric leaky-wave antenna. The layers act as a guiding structure for one or more leaky-waves, wchihc are responsible for producing a narrow-beam radiation pattern. In this paper, the radiation properties od the above-mentioned antenna are numerically carried out by using the boundary-element method (BEM) based on the guide-mode extracted integral equations (GMEIEs). The results of computer simulations, which are confirmed by using teh law of energy conservation, are presented. The reflected and radiated power as well as the radiation pattern are calculated for an incident TE guide-mode wave. A number of interesting phenomena, which are due to the tilted flange surface of finite-size, are also discussed.

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