Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2005, 15, 2188-2192

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Highly-resistant SiCBN films simply prepared by spin-coating process of poly(borosilazane)
 Tạp chí Journal of Materials Chemistry 2005 ; 15 (1-2):2188-2192
 Tác giả   Quoc Dat Nghiem1, Dong-Pyo Kim*,1
 Nơi thực hiện   Department of Fine Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, Chungnam National University, 220 Kung-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-764, Korea
 Từ khóa   Hydroboration; Polymer precursor; Trivinylcyclotrisilazane; Borazine; SiCBN ceramic
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High temperature stable and amorphous silicon-carbon-boron-nitrogen (SiCBN) ceramic films were prepared by spin-coating of poly(borosilazane) solution on Si or SiO2/Si substrates at different conditions, followed by pyrolysis at 900-1100oC. The film thickness ranging from 100 to 500 nm was prepared by varying the concentration of the polymeric solutions. The SEM and AFM micrographs of the film exhibited crack-free, fairly smooth and dense surface morphology with average roughness of 2 to 4 Å. Surface hardness and elastic modulus of the SiCBN films were found to be 7.48 GPa and 65.65 GPa, respectively, by nanoidentation measurement. The AES anaylsis of SiCBN films revealed homogenous composition with Si/B ratio of ~ 2.4. In particular, the SiCBN films pyrolyzed at 900 oC exhibits extraordinary stability under isothermal oxidation at 1000oC for 8 hours in air with the resultant mass loss of only 0.1 %. In addition, the SiCBN film pyrolyzed at 900oC under vacuum acts as an electric insulator, and exhibits sheet resistance of 1014 /cm2 at room temperature.

Keywords: SiCBN films, High-resistant films, Spin-coating.