List of MeSH codes (A07)

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The following is a list of the "A" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

MeSH A07 --- cardiovascular system[sửa]

MeSH A07.025 --- blood-air barrier[sửa]

MeSH A07.030 --- blood-aqueous barrier[sửa]

MeSH A07.035 --- blood-brain barrier[sửa]

MeSH A07.037 --- blood-nerve barrier[sửa]

MeSH A07.040 --- blood-retinal barrier[sửa]

MeSH A07.045 --- blood-testis barrier[sửa]

MeSH A07.231 --- blood vessels[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.114 --- arteries[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.330 --- endothelium, vascular[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.432 --- microcirculation[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.491 --- muscle, smooth, vascular[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.611 --- retinal vessels[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.700 --- tunica intima[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.765 --- vasa nervorum[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.836 --- vasa vasorum[sửa]

MeSH A07.231.908 --- veins[sửa]

MeSH A07.541 --- heart[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.207 --- endocardium[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.278 --- fetal heart[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.358 --- heart atria[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.409 --- heart conduction system[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.459 --- heart septum[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.510 --- heart valves[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.560 --- heart ventricles[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.704 --- myocardium[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.749 --- papillary muscles[sửa]

MeSH A07.541.795 --- pericardium[sửa]

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