List of MeSH codes (A08)

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The following is a list of the "A" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH A08 --- nervous system

MeSH A08.186 --- central nervous system

MeSH A08.186.211 --- brain

MeSH A08.186.566 --- meninges

MeSH A08.186.667 --- neural analyzers

MeSH A08.186.854 --- spinal cord

MeSH A08.340 --- ganglia

MeSH A08.340.315 --- ganglia, autonomic

MeSH A08.340.352 --- ganglia, invertebrate

MeSH A08.340.390 --- ganglia, sensory

MeSH A08.340.685 --- satellite cells, perineuronal

MeSH A08.511 --- nerve net

MeSH A08.561 --- nerve tissue

MeSH A08.561.326 --- ependyma

MeSH A08.561.600 --- neurilemma

MeSH A08.612 --- neural pathways

MeSH A08.612.220 --- afferent pathways

MeSH A08.612.380 --- efferent pathways

MeSH A08.612.435 --- internal capsule

MeSH A08.612.492 --- medial forebrain bundle

MeSH A08.612.600 --- perforant pathway

MeSH A08.637 --- neuroglia

MeSH A08.637.200 --- astrocytes

MeSH A08.637.400 --- microglia

MeSH A08.637.500 --- neuropil

MeSH A08.637.600 --- oligodendroglia

MeSH A08.637.685 --- satellite cells, perineuronal

MeSH A08.637.800 --- schwann cells

MeSH A08.663 --- neurons

MeSH A08.663.256 --- dendrites

MeSH A08.663.300 --- growth cones

MeSH A08.663.358 --- interneurons

MeSH A08.663.460 --- lewy bodies

MeSH A08.663.542 --- nerve fibers

MeSH A08.663.609 --- neurofibrils

MeSH A08.663.650 --- neurons, afferent

MeSH A08.663.655 --- neurons, efferent

MeSH A08.663.703 --- neuropil

MeSH A08.663.712 --- nissl bodies

MeSH A08.663.748 --- nitrergic neurons

MeSH A08.663.784 --- purkinje cells

MeSH A08.663.790 --- pyramidal cells

MeSH A08.663.856 --- senile plaques

MeSH A08.713 --- neurosecretory systems

MeSH A08.713.100 --- corpora allata

MeSH A08.713.357 --- hypothalamo-hypophyseal system

MeSH A08.713.733 --- pineal gland

MeSH A08.713.810 --- subcommissural organ

MeSH A08.713.840 --- subfornical organ

MeSH A08.800 --- peripheral nervous system

MeSH A08.800.050 --- autonomic nervous system

MeSH A08.800.350 --- ganglia, sensory

MeSH A08.800.550 --- nerve endings

MeSH A08.800.800 --- peripheral nerves

MeSH A08.850 --- synapses

MeSH A08.850.550 --- neuroeffector junction

MeSH A08.850.700 --- presynaptic terminals

MeSH A08.850.800 --- synaptic membranes

MeSH A08.850.840 --- synaptic vesicles

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