List of MeSH codes (A13)

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The following is a list of the "A" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

MeSH A13 --- animal structures

MeSH A13.048 --- air sacs

MeSH A13.073 --- anal sacs

MeSH A13.114 --- beak

MeSH A13.163 --- bursa of fabricius

MeSH A13.223 --- cloaca

MeSH A13.242 --- comb and wattles

MeSH A13.250 --- corpora allata

MeSH A13.265 --- crop, avian

MeSH A13.316 --- egg shell

MeSH A13.332 --- electric organ

MeSH A13.350 --- embryo, nonmammalian

MeSH A13.365 --- fat body

MeSH A13.370 --- feathers

MeSH A13.395 --- forelimb

MeSH A13.408 --- ganglia, invertebrate

MeSH A13.421 --- gills

MeSH A13.445 --- harderian gland

MeSH A13.453 --- hemolymph

MeSH A13.463 --- hepatopancreas

MeSH A13.473 --- hindlimb

MeSH A13.491 --- hoof and claw

MeSH A13.507 --- horns

MeSH A13.530 --- interrenal gland

MeSH A13.574 --- malpighian tubules

MeSH A13.589 --- mammary glands, animal

MeSH A13.600 --- metrial gland

MeSH A13.641 --- mushroom bodies

MeSH A13.660 --- nictitating membrane

MeSH A13.686 --- optic lobe

MeSH A13.706 --- oviducts

MeSH A13.734 --- perianal glands

MeSH A13.750 --- photoreceptors, invertebrate

MeSH A13.811 --- salt gland

MeSH A13.820 --- scent glands

MeSH A13.853 --- stomach, avian

MeSH A13.869 --- stomach, ruminant

MeSH A13.895 --- tail

MeSH A13.939 --- ultimobranchial body

MeSH A13.950 --- vibrissae

MeSH A13.970 --- wool

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