List of MeSH codes (C01)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

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MeSH C01 --- bacterial infections and mycoses

MeSH C01.252 --- bacterial infections

MeSH C01.252.100 --- bacteremia

MeSH C01.252.200 --- central nervous system bacterial infections

MeSH C01.252.300 --- endocarditis, bacterial

MeSH C01.252.354 --- eye infections, bacterial

MeSH C01.252.377 --- fournier gangrene

MeSH C01.252.400 --- gram-negative bacterial infections

MeSH C01.252.410 --- gram-positive bacterial infections

MeSH C01.252.620 --- pneumonia, bacterial

MeSH C01.252.810 --- sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial

MeSH C01.252.825 --- skin diseases, bacterial

MeSH C01.252.847 --- spirochaetales infections

MeSH C01.252.954 --- vaginosis, bacterial

MeSH C01.323 --- brain abscess

MeSH C01.323.800 --- toxoplasmosis, cerebral

MeSH C01.395 --- central nervous system infections

MeSH C01.395.500 --- central nervous system bacterial infections

MeSH C01.395.750 --- empyema, subdural

MeSH C01.539 --- infection

MeSH C01.539.069 --- aneurysm, infected

MeSH C01.539.100 --- arthritis, infectious

MeSH C01.539.160 --- bone diseases, infectious

MeSH C01.539.221 --- communicable diseases

MeSH C01.539.234 --- community-acquired infections

MeSH C01.539.248 --- cross infection

MeSH C01.539.375 --- eye infections

MeSH C01.539.392 --- focal infection

MeSH C01.539.424 --- gingivitis, necrotizing ulcerative

MeSH C01.539.503 --- laboratory infection

MeSH C01.539.535 --- ludwig's angina

MeSH C01.539.597 --- opportunistic infections

MeSH C01.539.635 --- pelvic infection

MeSH C01.539.674 --- pregnancy complications, infectious

MeSH C01.539.685 --- prosthesis-related infections

MeSH C01.539.717 --- reiter disease

MeSH C01.539.739 --- respiratory tract infections

MeSH C01.539.757 --- sepsis

MeSH C01.539.780 --- sexually transmitted diseases

MeSH C01.539.800 --- skin diseases, infectious

MeSH C01.539.820 --- soft tissue infections

MeSH C01.539.830 --- suppuration

MeSH C01.539.861 --- toxemia

MeSH C01.539.895 --- urinary tract infections

MeSH C01.539.947 --- wound infection

MeSH C01.703 --- mycoses

MeSH C01.703.078 --- aspergillosis

MeSH C01.703.128 --- blastomycosis

MeSH C01.703.160 --- candidiasis

MeSH C01.703.181 --- central nervous system fungal infections

MeSH C01.703.203 --- coccidioidomycosis

MeSH C01.703.248 --- cryptococcosis

MeSH C01.703.295 --- dermatomycoses

MeSH C01.703.343 --- eye infections, fungal

MeSH C01.703.360 --- fungemia

MeSH C01.703.392 --- geotrichosis

MeSH C01.703.450 --- histoplasmosis

MeSH C01.703.534 --- lung diseases, fungal

MeSH C01.703.617 --- microsporidiosis

MeSH C01.703.700 --- paracoccidioidomycosis

MeSH C01.703.753 --- piedra

MeSH C01.703.770 --- pneumocystis infections

MeSH C01.703.829 --- rhinosporidiosis

MeSH C01.703.980 --- zygomycosis

MeSH C01.908 --- zoonoses

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