List of MeSH codes (C03)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

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MeSH C03 --- parasitic diseases

MeSH C03.105 --- central nervous system parasitic infections

MeSH C03.105.250 --- central nervous system helminthiasis

MeSH C03.105.300 --- central nervous system protozoal infections

MeSH C03.300 --- eye infections, parasitic

MeSH C03.300.125 --- acanthamoeba keratitis

MeSH C03.300.562 --- onchocerciasis, ocular

MeSH C03.300.781 --- toxoplasmosis, ocular

MeSH C03.335 --- helminthiasis

MeSH C03.335.190 --- cestode infections

MeSH C03.335.349 --- helminthiasis, animal

MeSH C03.335.508 --- nematode infections

MeSH C03.335.865 --- trematode infections

MeSH C03.432 --- intestinal diseases, parasitic

MeSH C03.432.060 --- anisakiasis

MeSH C03.432.146 --- balantidiasis

MeSH C03.432.250 --- blastocystis infections

MeSH C03.432.269 --- cryptosporidiosis

MeSH C03.432.275 --- dientamoebiasis

MeSH C03.432.396 --- dysentery, amebic

MeSH C03.432.481 --- giardiasis

MeSH C03.518 --- liver diseases, parasitic

MeSH C03.518.314 --- echinococcosis, hepatic

MeSH C03.518.424 --- fascioliasis

MeSH C03.518.600 --- liver abscess, amebic

MeSH C03.582 --- lung diseases, parasitic

MeSH C03.582.314 --- echinococcosis, pulmonary

MeSH C03.600 --- mesomycetozoea infections

MeSH C03.684 --- opportunistic infections

MeSH C03.684.050 --- aids-related opportunistic infections

MeSH C03.684.880 --- superinfection

MeSH C03.695 --- parasitemia

MeSH C03.701 --- parasitic diseases, animal

MeSH C03.701.188 --- babesiosis

MeSH C03.701.377 --- helminthiasis, animal

MeSH C03.701.688 --- protozoan infections, animal

MeSH C03.718 --- pregnancy complications, parasitic

MeSH C03.752 --- protozoan infections

MeSH C03.752.100 --- central nervous system protozoal infections

MeSH C03.752.200 --- ciliophora infections

MeSH C03.752.250 --- coccidiosis

MeSH C03.752.625 --- protozoan infections, animal

MeSH C03.752.700 --- sarcomastigophora infections

MeSH C03.752.875 --- tick-borne diseases

MeSH C03.858 --- skin diseases, parasitic

MeSH C03.858.211 --- ectoparasitic infestations

MeSH C03.858.424 --- larva migrans

MeSH C03.858.560 --- leishmaniasis

MeSH C03.858.650 --- onchocerciasis

MeSH C03.908 --- zoonoses

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