List of MeSH codes (C05)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C05 --- musculoskeletal diseases

MeSH C05.116 --- bone diseases

MeSH C05.116.070 --- bone cysts

MeSH C05.116.099 --- bone diseases, developmental

MeSH C05.116.132 --- bone diseases, endocrine

MeSH C05.116.165 --- bone diseases, infectious

MeSH C05.116.198 --- bone diseases, metabolic

MeSH C05.116.214 --- bone malalignment

MeSH C05.116.231 --- bone neoplasms

MeSH C05.116.264 --- bone resorption

MeSH C05.116.391 --- eosinophilic granuloma

MeSH C05.116.425 --- epiphyses, slipped

MeSH C05.116.540 --- hyperostosis

MeSH C05.116.680 --- osteitis

MeSH C05.116.692 --- osteitis deformans

MeSH C05.116.725 --- osteoarthropathy, primary hypertrophic

MeSH C05.116.758 --- osteoarthropathy, secondary hypertrophic

MeSH C05.116.791 --- osteochondritis

MeSH C05.116.852 --- osteonecrosis

MeSH C05.116.900 --- spinal diseases

MeSH C05.182 --- cartilage diseases

MeSH C05.182.100 --- chondromalacia patellae

MeSH C05.182.520 --- osteochondritis

MeSH C05.182.531 --- polychondritis, relapsing

MeSH C05.182.790 --- tietze's syndrome

MeSH C05.321 --- fasciitis

MeSH C05.321.550 --- fasciitis, necrotizing

MeSH C05.321.600 --- fasciitis, plantar

MeSH C05.330 --- foot deformities

MeSH C05.330.448 --- flatfoot

MeSH C05.330.488 --- foot deformities, acquired

MeSH C05.330.495 --- foot deformities, congenital

MeSH C05.330.610 --- hallux valgus

MeSH C05.330.612 --- hallux varus

MeSH C05.330.615 --- hammer toe syndrome

MeSH C05.360 --- foot diseases

MeSH C05.360.350 --- fasciitis, plantar

MeSH C05.360.400 --- heel spur

MeSH C05.360.500 --- metatarsalgia

MeSH C05.360.750 --- posterior tibial tendon dysfunction

MeSH C05.390 --- hand deformities

MeSH C05.390.110 --- hand deformities, acquired

MeSH C05.390.408 --- hand deformities, congenital

MeSH C05.500 --- jaw diseases

MeSH C05.500.174 --- cherubism

MeSH C05.500.368 --- granuloma, giant cell

MeSH C05.500.460 --- jaw abnormalities

MeSH C05.500.470 --- jaw cysts

MeSH C05.500.480 --- jaw, edentulous

MeSH C05.500.499 --- jaw neoplasms

MeSH C05.500.607 --- mandibular diseases

MeSH C05.500.693 --- maxillary diseases

MeSH C05.550 --- joint diseases

MeSH C05.550.069 --- ankylosis

MeSH C05.550.091 --- arthralgia

MeSH C05.550.114 --- arthritis

MeSH C05.550.150 --- arthrogryposis

MeSH C05.550.186 --- arthropathy, neurogenic

MeSH C05.550.251 --- bursitis

MeSH C05.550.287 --- chondromatosis, synovial

MeSH C05.550.323 --- contracture

MeSH C05.550.445 --- hallux limitus

MeSH C05.550.450 --- hallux rigidus

MeSH C05.550.459 --- hemarthrosis

MeSH C05.550.485 --- hip dislocation, congenital

MeSH C05.550.509 --- hydrarthrosis

MeSH C05.550.515 --- joint deformities, acquired

MeSH C05.550.521 --- joint instability

MeSH C05.550.535 --- joint loose bodies

MeSH C05.550.610 --- metatarsalgia

MeSH C05.550.629 --- nail-patella syndrome

MeSH C05.550.648 --- osteoarthropathy, primary hypertrophic

MeSH C05.550.684 --- osteoarthropathy, secondary hypertrophic

MeSH C05.550.700 --- patellofemoral pain syndrome

MeSH C05.550.840 --- shoulder impingement syndrome

MeSH C05.550.870 --- synovitis

MeSH C05.550.905 --- temporomandibular joint disorders

MeSH C05.651 --- muscular diseases

MeSH C05.651.102 --- arthrogryposis

MeSH C05.651.180 --- compartment syndromes

MeSH C05.651.197 --- contracture

MeSH C05.651.243 --- craniomandibular disorders

MeSH C05.651.290 --- eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome

MeSH C05.651.310 --- fatigue syndrome, chronic

MeSH C05.651.324 --- fibromyalgia

MeSH C05.651.392 --- isaacs syndrome

MeSH C05.651.460 --- mitochondrial myopathies

MeSH C05.651.475 --- muscle cramp

MeSH C05.651.494 --- muscle neoplasms

MeSH C05.651.504 --- muscle rigidity

MeSH C05.651.512 --- muscle spasticity

MeSH C05.651.515 --- muscle weakness

MeSH C05.651.534 --- muscular disorders, atrophic

MeSH C05.651.550 --- myofascial pain syndromes

MeSH C05.651.575 --- myopathies, structural, congenital

MeSH C05.651.594 --- myositis

MeSH C05.651.662 --- myotonic disorders

MeSH C05.651.701 --- paralyses, familial periodic

MeSH C05.651.742 --- polymyalgia rheumatica

MeSH C05.651.807 --- rhabdomyolysis

MeSH C05.651.869 --- tendinopathy

MeSH C05.660 --- musculoskeletal abnormalities

MeSH C05.660.077 --- arthrogryposis

MeSH C05.660.207 --- craniofacial abnormalities

MeSH C05.660.386 --- funnel chest

MeSH C05.660.417 --- gastroschisis

MeSH C05.660.449 --- hip dislocation, congenital

MeSH C05.660.551 --- klippel-feil syndrome

MeSH C05.660.585 --- limb deformities, congenital

MeSH C05.660.906 --- synostosis

MeSH C05.799 --- rheumatic diseases

MeSH C05.799.114 --- arthritis, rheumatoid

MeSH C05.799.321 --- fibromyalgia

MeSH C05.799.414 --- gout

MeSH C05.799.440 --- hyperostosis, sternocostoclavicular

MeSH C05.799.613 --- osteoarthritis

MeSH C05.799.720 --- polymyalgia rheumatica

MeSH C05.799.825 --- rheumatic fever

MeSH C05.906 --- tennis elbow

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