List of MeSH codes (C06)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C06 --- digestive system diseases

MeSH C06.130 --- biliary tract diseases

MeSH C06.130.120 --- bile duct diseases

MeSH C06.130.140 --- bile reflux

MeSH C06.130.320 --- biliary tract neoplasms

MeSH C06.130.409 --- cholelithiasis

MeSH C06.130.564 --- gallbladder diseases

MeSH C06.130.825 --- postcholecystectomy syndrome

MeSH C06.198 --- digestive system abnormalities

MeSH C06.198.050 --- anus, imperforate

MeSH C06.198.102 --- barrett esophagus

MeSH C06.198.125 --- biliary atresia

MeSH C06.198.184 --- choledochal cyst

MeSH C06.198.257 --- diaphragmatic eventration

MeSH C06.198.330 --- esophageal atresia

MeSH C06.198.439 --- hirschsprung disease

MeSH C06.198.719 --- intestinal atresia

MeSH C06.198.859 --- meckel diverticulum

MeSH C06.267 --- digestive system fistula

MeSH C06.267.150 --- biliary fistula

MeSH C06.267.250 --- esophageal fistula

MeSH C06.267.375 --- gastric fistula

MeSH C06.267.550 --- intestinal fistula

MeSH C06.267.775 --- pancreatic fistula

MeSH C06.301 --- digestive system neoplasms

MeSH C06.301.120 --- biliary tract neoplasms

MeSH C06.301.371 --- gastrointestinal neoplasms

MeSH C06.301.623 --- liver neoplasms

MeSH C06.301.761 --- pancreatic neoplasms

MeSH C06.301.780 --- peritoneal neoplasms

MeSH C06.405 --- gastrointestinal diseases

MeSH C06.405.117 --- esophageal diseases

MeSH C06.405.205 --- gastroenteritis

MeSH C06.405.249 --- gastrointestinal neoplasms

MeSH C06.405.293 --- hernia

MeSH C06.405.469 --- intestinal diseases

MeSH C06.405.608 --- peptic ulcer

MeSH C06.405.748 --- stomach diseases

MeSH C06.405.874 --- tuberculosis, gastrointestinal

MeSH C06.405.937 --- visceral prolapse

MeSH C06.552 --- liver diseases

MeSH C06.552.150 --- cholestasis, intrahepatic

MeSH C06.552.241 --- fatty liver

MeSH C06.552.270 --- focal nodular hyperplasia

MeSH C06.552.308 --- hepatic insufficiency

MeSH C06.552.347 --- hepatic vein thrombosis

MeSH C06.552.360 --- hepatic veno-occlusive disease

MeSH C06.552.380 --- hepatitis

MeSH C06.552.413 --- hepatolenticular degeneration

MeSH C06.552.455 --- hepatopulmonary syndrome

MeSH C06.552.465 --- hepatorenal syndrome

MeSH C06.552.494 --- hypertension, portal

MeSH C06.552.597 --- liver abscess

MeSH C06.552.630 --- liver cirrhosis

MeSH C06.552.645 --- liver diseases, alcoholic

MeSH C06.552.664 --- liver diseases, parasitic

MeSH C06.552.697 --- liver neoplasms

MeSH C06.552.802 --- peliosis hepatis

MeSH C06.552.830 --- porphyrias, hepatic

MeSH C06.552.933 --- tuberculosis, hepatic

MeSH C06.552.970 --- zellweger syndrome

MeSH C06.689 --- pancreatic diseases

MeSH C06.689.202 --- cystic fibrosis

MeSH C06.689.276 --- exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

MeSH C06.689.351 --- nesidioblastosis

MeSH C06.689.500 --- pancreatic cyst

MeSH C06.689.583 --- pancreatic fistula

MeSH C06.689.667 --- pancreatic neoplasms

MeSH C06.689.750 --- pancreatitis

MeSH C06.844 --- peritoneal diseases

MeSH C06.844.200 --- chylous ascites

MeSH C06.844.400 --- hemoperitoneum

MeSH C06.844.520 --- mesenteric lymphadenitis

MeSH C06.844.550 --- mesenteric vascular occlusion

MeSH C06.844.600 --- panniculitis, peritoneal

MeSH C06.844.620 --- peritoneal neoplasms

MeSH C06.844.640 --- peritonitis

MeSH C06.844.670 --- pneumoperitoneum

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