List of MeSH codes (C07)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C07 --- stomatognathic diseases

MeSH C07.320 --- jaw diseases

MeSH C07.320.173 --- cherubism

MeSH C07.320.391 --- granuloma, giant cell

MeSH C07.320.440 --- jaw abnormalities

MeSH C07.320.450 --- jaw cysts

MeSH C07.320.480 --- jaw, edentulous

MeSH C07.320.515 --- jaw neoplasms

MeSH C07.320.610 --- mandibular diseases

MeSH C07.320.660 --- maxillary diseases

MeSH C07.465 --- mouth diseases

MeSH C07.465.075 --- behcet syndrome

MeSH C07.465.094 --- bell palsy

MeSH C07.465.114 --- burning mouth syndrome

MeSH C07.465.130 --- candidiasis, oral

MeSH C07.465.227 --- dry socket

MeSH C07.465.284 --- facial hemiatrophy

MeSH C07.465.313 --- facial neuralgia

MeSH C07.465.327 --- facial paralysis

MeSH C07.465.342 --- focal epithelial hyperplasia

MeSH C07.465.364 --- hemifacial spasm

MeSH C07.465.385 --- leukoedema, oral

MeSH C07.465.397 --- lichen planus, oral

MeSH C07.465.409 --- lip diseases

MeSH C07.465.433 --- ludwig's angina

MeSH C07.465.466 --- melkersson-rosenthal syndrome

MeSH C07.465.525 --- mouth abnormalities

MeSH C07.465.550 --- mouth, edentulous

MeSH C07.465.565 --- mouth neoplasms

MeSH C07.465.584 --- mucositis

MeSH C07.465.604 --- noma

MeSH C07.465.614 --- oral fistula

MeSH C07.465.625 --- oral hemorrhage

MeSH C07.465.634 --- oral manifestations

MeSH C07.465.654 --- oral submucous fibrosis

MeSH C07.465.672 --- oral ulcer

MeSH C07.465.690 --- periapical diseases

MeSH C07.465.714 --- periodontal diseases

MeSH C07.465.780 --- ranula

MeSH C07.465.815 --- salivary gland diseases

MeSH C07.465.864 --- stomatitis

MeSH C07.465.910 --- tongue diseases

MeSH C07.465.943 --- tuberculosis, oral

MeSH C07.550 --- pharyngeal diseases

MeSH C07.550.350 --- nasopharyngeal diseases

MeSH C07.550.700 --- peritonsillar abscess

MeSH C07.550.745 --- pharyngeal neoplasms

MeSH C07.550.781 --- pharyngitis

MeSH C07.550.858 --- retropharyngeal abscess

MeSH C07.550.935 --- tonsillitis

MeSH C07.550.966 --- velopharyngeal insufficiency

MeSH C07.650 --- stomatognathic system abnormalities

MeSH C07.650.500 --- maxillofacial abnormalities

MeSH C07.650.525 --- mouth abnormalities

MeSH C07.650.800 --- tooth abnormalities

MeSH C07.678 --- temporomandibular joint disorders

MeSH C07.678.949 --- temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome

MeSH C07.793 --- tooth diseases

MeSH C07.793.099 --- bruxism

MeSH C07.793.208 --- dental deposits

MeSH C07.793.221 --- dental leakage

MeSH C07.793.237 --- dental pulp diseases

MeSH C07.793.266 --- dentin sensitivity

MeSH C07.793.330 --- fluorosis, dental

MeSH C07.793.348 --- focal infection, dental

MeSH C07.793.422 --- hypercementosis

MeSH C07.793.494 --- malocclusion

MeSH C07.793.700 --- tooth abnormalities

MeSH C07.793.707 --- tooth abrasion

MeSH C07.793.710 --- tooth ankylosis

MeSH C07.793.713 --- tooth attrition

MeSH C07.793.720 --- tooth demineralization

MeSH C07.793.735 --- tooth discoloration

MeSH C07.793.763 --- tooth erosion

MeSH C07.793.790 --- tooth eruption, ectopic

MeSH C07.793.846 --- tooth, impacted

MeSH C07.793.850 --- tooth injuries

MeSH C07.793.870 --- tooth loss

MeSH C07.793.901 --- tooth resorption

MeSH C07.793.915 --- tooth, unerupted

MeSH C07.793.929 --- toothache

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