List of MeSH codes (C08)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C08 --- respiratory tract diseases

MeSH C08.127 --- bronchial diseases

MeSH C08.127.108 --- asthma

MeSH C08.127.196 --- bronchial fistula

MeSH C08.127.210 --- bronchial hyperreactivity

MeSH C08.127.265 --- bronchial neoplasms

MeSH C08.127.321 --- bronchial spasm

MeSH C08.127.384 --- bronchiectasis

MeSH C08.127.446 --- bronchitis

MeSH C08.127.480 --- bronchogenic cyst

MeSH C08.127.509 --- bronchopneumonia

MeSH C08.127.930 --- tracheobronchomegaly

MeSH C08.200 --- ciliary motility disorders

MeSH C08.200.531 --- kartagener syndrome

MeSH C08.360 --- laryngeal diseases

MeSH C08.360.232 --- granuloma, laryngeal

MeSH C08.360.313 --- laryngeal edema

MeSH C08.360.369 --- laryngeal neoplasms

MeSH C08.360.480 --- laryngismus

MeSH C08.360.535 --- laryngitis

MeSH C08.360.591 --- laryngostenosis

MeSH C08.360.860 --- tuberculosis, laryngeal

MeSH C08.360.931 --- vocal cord paralysis

MeSH C08.360.940 --- voice disorders

MeSH C08.381 --- lung diseases

MeSH C08.381.069 --- atelectasis

MeSH C08.381.125 --- bronchopulmonary dysplasia

MeSH C08.381.137 --- coin lesion, pulmonary

MeSH C08.381.150 --- cystic adenomatoid malformation of lung, congenital

MeSH C08.381.187 --- cystic fibrosis

MeSH C08.381.331 --- granuloma, plasma cell, pulmonary

MeSH C08.381.348 --- hemoptysis

MeSH C08.381.423 --- hypertension, pulmonary

MeSH C08.381.449 --- lung abscess

MeSH C08.381.472 --- lung diseases, fungal

MeSH C08.381.483 --- lung diseases, interstitial

MeSH C08.381.495 --- lung diseases, obstructive

MeSH C08.381.517 --- lung diseases, parasitic

MeSH C08.381.540 --- lung neoplasms

MeSH C08.381.580 --- meconium aspiration syndrome

MeSH C08.381.677 --- pneumonia

MeSH C08.381.719 --- pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

MeSH C08.381.742 --- pulmonary edema

MeSH C08.381.746 --- pulmonary embolism

MeSH C08.381.750 --- pulmonary eosinophilia

MeSH C08.381.780 --- pulmonary veno-occlusive disease

MeSH C08.381.840 --- respiratory distress syndrome, adult

MeSH C08.381.842 --- respiratory distress syndrome, newborn

MeSH C08.381.844 --- scimitar syndrome

MeSH C08.381.846 --- silo filler's disease

MeSH C08.381.922 --- tuberculosis, pulmonary

MeSH C08.460 --- nose diseases

MeSH C08.460.171 --- choanal atresia

MeSH C08.460.261 --- epistaxis

MeSH C08.460.352 --- granuloma, lethal midline

MeSH C08.460.525 --- nasal obstruction

MeSH C08.460.619 --- nose deformities, acquired

MeSH C08.460.669 --- nose neoplasms

MeSH C08.460.692 --- paranasal sinus diseases

MeSH C08.460.799 --- rhinitis

MeSH C08.460.850 --- rhinoscleroma

MeSH C08.528 --- pleural diseases

MeSH C08.528.142 --- chylothorax

MeSH C08.528.240 --- empyema, pleural

MeSH C08.528.338 --- hemopneumothorax

MeSH C08.528.380 --- hemothorax

MeSH C08.528.434 --- hydropneumothorax

MeSH C08.528.476 --- hydrothorax

MeSH C08.528.652 --- pleural effusion

MeSH C08.528.694 --- pleural neoplasms

MeSH C08.528.735 --- pleurisy

MeSH C08.528.778 --- pneumothorax

MeSH C08.528.928 --- tuberculosis, pleural

MeSH C08.618 --- respiration disorders

MeSH C08.618.085 --- apnea

MeSH C08.618.182 --- cheyne-stokes respiration

MeSH C08.618.248 --- cough

MeSH C08.618.326 --- dyspnea

MeSH C08.618.490 --- hoarseness

MeSH C08.618.501 --- hyperventilation

MeSH C08.618.573 --- laryngismus

MeSH C08.618.580 --- meconium aspiration syndrome

MeSH C08.618.659 --- mouth breathing

MeSH C08.618.840 --- respiratory distress syndrome, adult

MeSH C08.618.842 --- respiratory distress syndrome, newborn

MeSH C08.618.846 --- respiratory insufficiency

MeSH C08.674 --- respiratory hypersensitivity

MeSH C08.674.055 --- alveolitis, extrinsic allergic

MeSH C08.674.060 --- aspergillosis, allergic bronchopulmonary

MeSH C08.674.095 --- asthma

MeSH C08.674.810 --- rhinitis, allergic, perennial

MeSH C08.674.815 --- rhinitis, allergic, seasonal

MeSH C08.695 --- respiratory system abnormalities

MeSH C08.695.195 --- bronchogenic cyst

MeSH C08.695.214 --- bronchopulmonary sequestration

MeSH C08.695.271 --- choanal atresia

MeSH C08.695.290 --- cystic adenomatoid malformation of lung, congenital

MeSH C08.695.501 --- kartagener syndrome

MeSH C08.695.815 --- scimitar syndrome

MeSH C08.695.830 --- tracheobronchomegaly

MeSH C08.702 --- respiratory tract fistula

MeSH C08.702.196 --- bronchial fistula

MeSH C08.702.750 --- tracheoesophageal fistula

MeSH C08.730 --- respiratory tract infections

MeSH C08.730.085 --- bovine respiratory disease complex

MeSH C08.730.099 --- bronchitis

MeSH C08.730.162 --- common cold

MeSH C08.730.265 --- empyema, pleural

MeSH C08.730.310 --- influenza, human

MeSH C08.730.368 --- laryngitis

MeSH C08.730.382 --- legionellosis

MeSH C08.730.407 --- lung abscess

MeSH C08.730.435 --- lung diseases, fungal

MeSH C08.730.450 --- lung diseases, parasitic

MeSH C08.730.541 --- pharyngitis

MeSH C08.730.582 --- pleurisy

MeSH C08.730.610 --- pneumonia

MeSH C08.730.674 --- rhinitis

MeSH C08.730.702 --- rhinoscleroma

MeSH C08.730.730 --- severe acute respiratory syndrome

MeSH C08.730.749 --- sinusitis

MeSH C08.730.817 --- tonsillitis

MeSH C08.730.848 --- tracheitis

MeSH C08.730.860 --- tuberculosis, laryngeal

MeSH C08.730.912 --- tuberculosis, pleural

MeSH C08.730.939 --- tuberculosis, pulmonary

MeSH C08.730.969 --- whooping cough

MeSH C08.785 --- respiratory tract neoplasms

MeSH C08.785.265 --- bronchial neoplasms

MeSH C08.785.481 --- laryngeal neoplasms

MeSH C08.785.520 --- lung neoplasms

MeSH C08.785.600 --- nose neoplasms

MeSH C08.785.640 --- pleural neoplasms

MeSH C08.785.760 --- tracheal neoplasms

MeSH C08.846 --- thoracic diseases

MeSH C08.846.187 --- mediastinal diseases

MeSH C08.907 --- tracheal diseases

MeSH C08.907.563 --- tracheal neoplasms

MeSH C08.907.663 --- tracheal stenosis

MeSH C08.907.763 --- tracheitis

MeSH C08.907.830 --- tracheobronchomegaly

MeSH C08.907.863 --- tracheoesophageal fistula

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