List of MeSH codes (C09)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C09 --- otorhinolaryngologic diseases

MeSH C09.150 --- ciliary motility disorders

MeSH C09.150.531 --- kartagener syndrome

MeSH C09.218 --- ear diseases

MeSH C09.218.200 --- cholesteatoma, middle ear

MeSH C09.218.271 --- ear deformities, acquired

MeSH C09.218.334 --- ear neoplasms

MeSH C09.218.350 --- earache

MeSH C09.218.458 --- hearing disorders

MeSH C09.218.513 --- herpes zoster oticus

MeSH C09.218.568 --- labyrinth diseases

MeSH C09.218.705 --- otitis

MeSH C09.218.768 --- otosclerosis

MeSH C09.218.807 --- retrocochlear diseases

MeSH C09.218.903 --- tympanic membrane perforation

MeSH C09.400 --- laryngeal diseases

MeSH C09.400.232 --- granuloma, laryngeal

MeSH C09.400.313 --- laryngeal edema

MeSH C09.400.369 --- laryngeal neoplasms

MeSH C09.400.480 --- laryngismus

MeSH C09.400.535 --- laryngitis

MeSH C09.400.591 --- laryngostenosis

MeSH C09.400.860 --- tuberculosis, laryngeal

MeSH C09.400.931 --- vocal cord paralysis

MeSH C09.400.940 --- voice disorders

MeSH C09.603 --- nose diseases

MeSH C09.603.171 --- choanal atresia

MeSH C09.603.261 --- epistaxis

MeSH C09.603.352 --- granuloma, lethal midline

MeSH C09.603.525 --- nasal obstruction

MeSH C09.603.557 --- nasal polyps

MeSH C09.603.619 --- nose deformities, acquired

MeSH C09.603.669 --- nose neoplasms

MeSH C09.603.692 --- paranasal sinus diseases

MeSH C09.603.799 --- rhinitis

MeSH C09.603.850 --- rhinoscleroma

MeSH C09.647 --- otorhinolaryngologic neoplasms

MeSH C09.647.312 --- ear neoplasms

MeSH C09.647.481 --- laryngeal neoplasms

MeSH C09.647.675 --- neuroma, acoustic

MeSH C09.647.685 --- nose neoplasms

MeSH C09.647.710 --- pharyngeal neoplasms

MeSH C09.775 --- pharyngeal diseases

MeSH C09.775.174 --- deglutition disorders

MeSH C09.775.350 --- nasopharyngeal diseases

MeSH C09.775.500 --- peritonsillar abscess

MeSH C09.775.549 --- pharyngeal neoplasms

MeSH C09.775.649 --- pharyngitis

MeSH C09.775.754 --- retropharyngeal abscess

MeSH C09.775.860 --- tonsillitis

MeSH C09.775.955 --- velopharyngeal insufficiency

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