List of MeSH codes (C15)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C15 --- hemic and lymphatic diseases

MeSH C15.378 --- hematologic diseases

MeSH C15.378.071 --- anemia

MeSH C15.378.100 --- blood coagulation disorders

MeSH C15.378.120 --- blood group incompatibility

MeSH C15.378.140 --- blood platelet disorders

MeSH C15.378.147 --- blood protein disorders

MeSH C15.378.190 --- bone marrow diseases

MeSH C15.378.400 --- hematologic neoplasms

MeSH C15.378.420 --- hemoglobinopathies

MeSH C15.378.463 --- hemorrhagic disorders

MeSH C15.378.553 --- leukocyte disorders

MeSH C15.378.619 --- methemoglobinemia

MeSH C15.378.700 --- pancytopenia

MeSH C15.378.738 --- polycythemia

MeSH C15.378.785 --- pregnancy complications, hematologic

MeSH C15.378.800 --- preleukemia

MeSH C15.378.896 --- sulfhemoglobinemia

MeSH C15.378.925 --- thrombophilia

MeSH C15.604 --- lymphatic diseases

MeSH C15.604.315 --- lymphadenitis

MeSH C15.604.360 --- lymphangiectasis

MeSH C15.604.406 --- lymphangitis

MeSH C15.604.451 --- lymphatic abnormalities

MeSH C15.604.496 --- lymphedema

MeSH C15.604.510 --- lymphocele

MeSH C15.604.515 --- lymphoproliferative disorders

MeSH C15.604.560 --- mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome

MeSH C15.604.613 --- pseudolymphoma

MeSH C15.604.667 --- reticuloendotheliosis

MeSH C15.604.744 --- splenic diseases

MeSH C15.604.816 --- thymus hyperplasia

MeSH C15.604.861 --- thymus neoplasms

MeSH C15.604.921 --- tuberculosis, lymph node

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