List of MeSH codes (C19)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C19 --- endocrine system diseases

MeSH C19.053 --- adrenal gland diseases

MeSH C19.053.098 --- adrenal cortex diseases

MeSH C19.053.347 --- adrenal gland neoplasms

MeSH C19.053.440 --- adrenal hyperplasia, congenital

MeSH C19.053.500 --- adrenal insufficiency

MeSH C19.053.800 --- adrenocortical hyperfunction

MeSH C19.246 --- diabetes mellitus

MeSH C19.246.099 --- diabetes complications

MeSH C19.246.200 --- diabetes, gestational

MeSH C19.246.240 --- diabetes mellitus, experimental

MeSH C19.246.267 --- diabetes mellitus, type 1

MeSH C19.246.300 --- diabetes mellitus, type 2

MeSH C19.246.774 --- prediabetic state

MeSH C19.297 --- dwarfism

MeSH C19.297.155 --- congenital hypothyroidism

MeSH C19.297.312 --- dwarfism, pituitary

MeSH C19.297.656 --- laron syndrome

MeSH C19.344 --- endocrine gland neoplasms

MeSH C19.344.078 --- adrenal gland neoplasms

MeSH C19.344.400 --- multiple endocrine neoplasia

MeSH C19.344.410 --- ovarian neoplasms

MeSH C19.344.421 --- pancreatic neoplasms

MeSH C19.344.473 --- paraneoplastic endocrine syndromes

MeSH C19.344.525 --- parathyroid neoplasms

MeSH C19.344.609 --- pituitary neoplasms

MeSH C19.344.762 --- testicular neoplasms

MeSH C19.344.894 --- thyroid neoplasms

MeSH C19.391 --- gonadal disorders

MeSH C19.391.482 --- hypogonadism

MeSH C19.391.630 --- ovarian diseases

MeSH C19.391.690 --- puberty, delayed

MeSH C19.391.693 --- puberty, precocious

MeSH C19.391.775 --- sex differentiation disorders

MeSH C19.391.829 --- testicular diseases

MeSH C19.642 --- parathyroid diseases

MeSH C19.642.355 --- hyperparathyroidism

MeSH C19.642.482 --- hypoparathyroidism

MeSH C19.642.713 --- parathyroid neoplasms

MeSH C19.700 --- pituitary diseases

MeSH C19.700.159 --- diabetes insipidus

MeSH C19.700.320 --- empty sella syndrome

MeSH C19.700.355 --- hyperpituitarism

MeSH C19.700.482 --- hypopituitarism

MeSH C19.700.490 --- inappropriate adh syndrome

MeSH C19.700.725 --- pituitary apoplexy

MeSH C19.700.734 --- pituitary neoplasms

MeSH C19.787 --- polyendocrinopathies, autoimmune

MeSH C19.874 --- thyroid diseases

MeSH C19.874.255 --- euthyroid sick syndromes

MeSH C19.874.283 --- goiter

MeSH C19.874.397 --- hyperthyroidism

MeSH C19.874.410 --- hyperthyroxinemia

MeSH C19.874.482 --- hypothyroidism

MeSH C19.874.689 --- thyroid dysgenesis

MeSH C19.874.788 --- thyroid neoplasms

MeSH C19.874.871 --- thyroiditis

MeSH C19.874.902 --- thyrotoxicosis

MeSH C19.927 --- tuberculosis, endocrine

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