List of MeSH codes (C21)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C21 --- disorders of environmental origin[sửa]

MeSH C21.111 --- dna damage[sửa]

MeSH C21.111.099 --- chromosome breakage[sửa]

MeSH C21.111.549 --- preconception injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.223 --- environmental illness[sửa]

MeSH C21.223.500 --- multiple chemical sensitivity[sửa]

MeSH C21.223.750 --- sick building syndrome[sửa]

MeSH C21.335 --- motion sickness[sửa]

MeSH C21.335.800 --- space motion sickness[sửa]

MeSH C21.447 --- occupational diseases[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.080 --- agricultural workers' diseases[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.125 --- bird fancier's lung[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.270 --- dermatitis, occupational[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.410 --- high pressure neurological syndrome[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.426 --- inert gas narcosis[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.506 --- laboratory infection[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.653 --- persian gulf syndrome[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.800 --- pneumoconiosis[sửa]

MeSH C21.447.900 --- sleep disorders, circadian rhythm[sửa]

MeSH C21.613 --- poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.068 --- argyria[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.097 --- arsenic poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.127 --- bites and stings[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.165 --- cadmium poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.177 --- carbon tetrachloride poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.276 --- drug toxicity[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.327 --- ergotism[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.380 --- fluoride poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.415 --- food poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.455 --- gas poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.512 --- hepatitis, toxic[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.589 --- lead poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.618 --- manganese poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.647 --- mercury poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.680 --- mycotoxicosis[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.705 --- neurotoxicity syndromes[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.730 --- overdose[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.756 --- plant poisoning[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.809 --- psychoses, substance-induced[sửa]

MeSH C21.613.932 --- water intoxication[sửa]

MeSH C21.676 --- preconception injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.739 --- substance-related disorders[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.100 --- alcohol-related disorders[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.225 --- amphetamine-related disorders[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.300 --- cocaine-related disorders[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.635 --- marijuana abuse[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.650 --- neonatal abstinence syndrome[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.675 --- opioid-related disorders[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.700 --- phencyclidine abuse[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.746 --- psychoses, substance-induced[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.793 --- substance abuse, intravenous[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.835 --- substance withdrawal syndrome[sửa]

MeSH C21.739.912 --- tobacco use disorder[sửa]

MeSH C21.866 --- wounds and injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.017 --- abdominal injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.062 --- amputation, traumatic[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.088 --- arm injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.103 --- asphyxia[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.115 --- athletic injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.117 --- back injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.120 --- barotrauma[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.141 --- birth injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.153 --- bites and stings[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.200 --- burns[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.248 --- contusions[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.260 --- craniocerebral trauma[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.289 --- dislocations[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.304 --- drowning[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.324 --- electric injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.348 --- esophageal perforation[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.371 --- extravasation of diagnostic and therapeutic materials[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.392 --- foreign bodies[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.404 --- fractures, bone[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.411 --- fractures, cartilage[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.417 --- frostbite[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.448 --- hand injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.522 --- heat stress disorders[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.531 --- hip injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.540 --- lacerations[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.558 --- leg injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.640 --- multiple trauma[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.700 --- neck injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.733 --- radiation injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.748 --- retropneumoperitoneum[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.761 --- rupture[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.780 --- self mutilation[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.797 --- shock, traumatic[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.808 --- soft tissue injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.819 --- spinal cord injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.831 --- spinal injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.844 --- sprains and strains[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.874 --- tendon injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.891 --- thoracic injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.900 --- tooth injuries[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.915 --- trauma, nervous system[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.930 --- tympanic membrane perforation[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.951 --- wound infection[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.974 --- wounds, nonpenetrating[sửa]

MeSH C21.866.986 --- wounds, penetrating[sửa]

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