List of MeSH codes (D04)

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This is the fourth part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH D04 --- polycyclic compounds

MeSH D04.075 --- bridged compounds

MeSH D04.075.080 --- bicyclo compounds

MeSH D04.345 --- macrocyclic compounds

MeSH D04.345.025 --- calixarenes

MeSH D04.345.051 --- crown compounds

MeSH D04.345.103 --- cyclodextrins

MeSH D04.345.133 --- cycloparaffins

MeSH D04.345.241 --- ethers, cyclic

MeSH D04.345.295 --- lactams, macrocyclic

MeSH D04.345.349 --- macrolides

MeSH D04.345.566 --- peptides, cyclic

MeSH D04.345.783 --- tetrapyrroles

MeSH D04.345.891 --- trichothecenes

MeSH D04.615 --- polycyclic hydrocarbons, aromatic

MeSH D04.615.050 --- acenaphthenes

MeSH D04.615.117 --- anthracenes

MeSH D04.615.133 --- azulenes

MeSH D04.615.149 --- benz(a)anthracenes

MeSH D04.615.181 --- benzocycloheptenes

MeSH D04.615.389 --- fluorenes

MeSH D04.615.486 --- indenes

MeSH D04.615.562 --- naphthacenes

MeSH D04.615.638 --- naphthalenes

MeSH D04.615.680 --- phenalenes

MeSH D04.615.723 --- phenanthrenes

MeSH D04.615.799 --- pyrenes

MeSH D04.615.885 --- spiro compounds

MeSH D04.808 --- steroids

MeSH D04.808.054 --- androstanes

MeSH D04.808.105 --- bile acids and salts

MeSH D04.808.122 --- bufanolides

MeSH D04.808.155 --- cardanolides

MeSH D04.808.221 --- cholanes

MeSH D04.808.247 --- cholestanes

MeSH D04.808.294 --- cyclosteroids

MeSH D04.808.365 --- estranes

MeSH D04.808.451 --- gonanes

MeSH D04.808.496 --- homosteroids

MeSH D04.808.528 --- hydroxysteroids

MeSH D04.808.578 --- ketosteroids

MeSH D04.808.668 --- norsteroids

MeSH D04.808.745 --- pregnanes

MeSH D04.808.812 --- secosteroids

MeSH D04.808.854 --- spirostans

MeSH D04.808.875 --- steroids, brominated

MeSH D04.808.883 --- steroids, chlorinated

MeSH D04.808.908 --- steroids, fluorinated

MeSH D04.808.925 --- steroids, heterocyclic

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