List of MeSH codes (D05)

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This is the fourth part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

MeSH D05 --- macromolecular substances[sửa]

MeSH D05.249 --- dendrimers[sửa]

MeSH D05.500 --- multiprotein complexes[sửa]

MeSH D05.500.049 --- amyloid[sửa]

MeSH D05.500.149 --- dystrophin-associated protein complex[sửa]

MeSH D05.500.249 --- light-harvesting protein complexes[sửa]

MeSH D05.500.500 --- molecular motors[sửa]

MeSH D05.500.562 --- multienzyme complexes[sửa]

MeSH D05.750 --- polymers[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.078 --- biopolymers[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.200 --- colestipol[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.259 --- cyanoacrylates[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.327 --- elastomers[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.395 --- fluorocarbon polymers[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.400 --- glass[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.470 --- hexadimethrine[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.716 --- plastics[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.722 --- polyanetholesulfonate[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.725 --- polyanhydrides[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.728 --- polyesters[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.741 --- polyethylene glycols[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.780 --- polygeline[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.795 --- polyphloretin phosphate[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.830 --- pyran copolymer[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.865 --- rubber[sửa]

MeSH D05.750.900 --- siloxanes[sửa]

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