List of MeSH codes (D08)

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This is the fourth part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH D08 --- enzymes and coenzymes[sửa]

MeSH D08.211 --- coenzymes[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.090 --- biopterin[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.096 --- biotin[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.175 --- cobamides[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.211 --- coenzyme a[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.474 --- flavins[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.589 --- nad[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.625 --- nadp[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.682 --- pqq cofactor[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.740 --- pyridoxal phosphate[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.790 --- sphingolipid activator proteins[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.840 --- tetrahydrofolates[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.878 --- thiamine pyrophosphate[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.906 --- thioctic acid[sửa]

MeSH D08.211.935 --- ubiquinone[sửa]

MeSH D08.244 --- cytochromes[sửa]

MeSH D08.244.175 --- cytochrome a group[sửa]

MeSH D08.244.187 --- cytochrome b group[sửa]

MeSH D08.244.286 --- cytochrome c group[sửa]

MeSH D08.244.300 --- cytochrome d group[sửa]

MeSH D08.244.453 --- cytochrome p-450 enzyme system[sửa]

MeSH D08.244.726 --- cytochromes f[sửa]

MeSH D08.622 --- enzyme precursors[sửa]

MeSH D08.622.184 --- chymotrypsinogen[sửa]

MeSH D08.622.200 --- complement factor b[sửa]

MeSH D08.622.509 --- pepsinogens[sửa]

MeSH D08.622.610 --- plasminogen[sửa]

MeSH D08.622.705 --- protein c[sửa]

MeSH D08.622.709 --- prothrombin[sửa]

MeSH D08.622.885 --- trypsinogen[sửa]

MeSH D08.811 --- enzymes[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.074 --- dna repair enzymes[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.150 --- dna restriction-modification enzymes[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.165 --- dna, catalytic[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.180 --- enzymes, immobilized[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.255 --- holoenzymes[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.277 --- hydrolases (EC 3)[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.277.040 --- acid anhydride hydrolases (EC 3.6)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.063 --- adenosylhomocysteinase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.087 --- amidohydrolases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.151 --- aminohydrolases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.300 --- complement activating enzymes[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.340 --- epoxide hydrolases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.352 --- esterases (EC 3.1)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.450 --- glycoside hydrolases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.610 --- pancreatin[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.656 --- peptide hydrolases (EC 3.4)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.277.913 --- ureohydrolases[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.348 --- isoenzymes[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.399 --- isomerases (EC 5)[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.399.325 --- cis-trans-isomerases (EC 5.2)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.399.340 --- dna helicases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.399.403 --- dna topoisomerases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.399.430 --- intramolecular lyases (EC 5.5)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.399.475 --- intramolecular oxidoreductases (EC 5.3)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.399.520 --- intramolecular transferases (EC 5.4)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.399.894 --- racemases and epimerases (EC 5.1)[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.464 --- ligases (EC 6)[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.464.257 --- carbon-carbon ligases (EC 6.4)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.464.259 --- carbon-nitrogen ligases (EC 6.3)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.464.263 --- carbon-oxygen ligases (EC 6.1)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.464.267 --- carbon-sulfur ligases (EC 6.2)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.464.754 --- polynucleotide ligases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.464.938 --- ubiquitin-protein ligase complexes[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.520 --- lyases (EC 4)[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.520.224 --- carbon-carbon lyases (EC 4.1)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.520.232 --- carbon-nitrogen lyases (EC 4.3)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.520.241 --- carbon-oxygen lyases (EC 4.2)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.520.300 --- carbon-sulfur lyases (EC 4.4)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.520.500 --- ferrochelatase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.520.650 --- phosphorus-oxygen lyases (EC 4.6)[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.600 --- multienzyme complexes[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.682 --- oxidoreductases (EC 1)[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.682.047 --- alcohol oxidoreductases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.180 --- ascorbate oxidase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.226 --- ceruloplasmin[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.285 --- electron transport complex iv[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.400 --- hydrogenase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.494 --- laccase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.517 --- luciferases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.550 --- 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (fadh2)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.608 --- nadh, nadph oxidoreductases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.647 --- nitrogenase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.655 --- nitroreductases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.657 --- oxidoreductases acting on aldehyde or oxo group donors[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.660 --- oxidoreductases acting on ch-ch group donors[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.662 --- oxidoreductases acting on ch-nh group donors[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.664 --- oxidoreductases acting on ch-nh2 group donors[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.667 --- oxidoreductases acting on sulfur group donors[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.670 --- oxidoreductases, o-demethylating[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.690 --- oxygenases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.732 --- peroxidases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.771 --- plastoquinol-plastocyanin reductase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.810 --- ribonucleotide reductases[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.820 --- selenoprotein r[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.830 --- succinate cytochrome c oxidoreductase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.881 --- superoxide dismutase[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.682.943 --- urate oxidase[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.710 --- penicillin-binding proteins[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.739 --- recombinases[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.797 --- rna, catalytic[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.913 --- transferases (EC 2)[sửa]

MeSH D08.811.913.050 --- acyltransferases (EC 2.3)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.913.200 --- aldehyde-ketone transferases (EC 2.2)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.913.225 --- alkyl and aryl transferases (EC 2.5)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.913.400 --- glycosyltransferases (EC 2.4)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.913.477 --- nitrogenous group transferases (EC 2.6)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.913.555 --- one-carbon group transferases (EC 2.1)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.913.696 --- phosphotransferases (EC 2.7)[sửa]
MeSH D08.811.913.817 --- sulfur group transferases (EC 2.8)[sửa]

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