List of MeSH codes (E01)

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The following is a list of the "E01" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH E01 --- diagnosis

MeSH E01.158 --- diagnosis, computer-assisted

MeSH E01.158.600 --- image interpretation, computer-assisted

MeSH E01.171 --- diagnosis, differential

MeSH E01.190 --- diagnosis, dual (psychiatry)

MeSH E01.354 --- diagnostic errors

MeSH E01.354.340 --- false negative reactions

MeSH E01.354.506 --- false positive reactions

MeSH E01.354.753 --- observer variation

MeSH E01.370 --- diagnostic techniques and procedures

MeSH E01.370.100 --- breath tests

MeSH E01.370.350 --- diagnostic imaging

MeSH E01.370.370 --- diagnostic techniques, cardiovascular

MeSH E01.370.372 --- diagnostic techniques, digestive system

MeSH E01.370.374 --- diagnostic techniques, endocrine

MeSH E01.370.376 --- diagnostic techniques, neurological

MeSH E01.370.378 --- diagnostic techniques, obstetrical and gynecological

MeSH E01.370.380 --- diagnostic techniques, ophthalmological

MeSH E01.370.382 --- diagnostic techniques, otological

MeSH E01.370.384 --- diagnostic techniques, radioisotope

MeSH E01.370.386 --- diagnostic techniques, respiratory system

MeSH E01.370.388 --- diagnostic techniques, surgical

MeSH E01.370.390 --- diagnostic techniques, urological

MeSH E01.370.395 --- diagnostic tests, routine

MeSH E01.370.400 --- disability evaluation

MeSH E01.370.405 --- electrodiagnosis

MeSH E01.370.450 --- insufflation

MeSH E01.370.475 --- kymography

MeSH E01.370.500 --- mass screening

MeSH E01.370.510 --- medical history taking

MeSH E01.370.520 --- monitoring, physiologic

MeSH E01.370.530 --- myography

MeSH E01.370.550 --- neoplasm staging

MeSH E01.370.600 --- physical examination

MeSH E01.370.610 --- plethysmography

MeSH E01.370.620 --- premarital examinations

MeSH E01.370.750 --- skin tests

MeSH E01.370.760 --- speech production measurement

MeSH E01.370.985 --- xenodiagnosis

MeSH E01.390 --- early diagnosis

MeSH E01.410 --- incidental findings

MeSH E01.450 --- laboratory techniques and procedures

MeSH E01.450.150 --- clinical chemistry tests

MeSH E01.450.230 --- cytodiagnosis

MeSH E01.450.375 --- hematologic tests

MeSH E01.450.495 --- immunologic tests

MeSH E01.450.520 --- metabolic clearance rate

MeSH E01.450.560 --- neonatal screening

MeSH E01.450.575 --- occult blood

MeSH E01.450.600 --- parasite egg count

MeSH E01.450.620 --- pregnancy tests

MeSH E01.450.650 --- radioligand assay

MeSH E01.450.855 --- sex determination (analysis)

MeSH E01.450.865 --- specimen handling

MeSH E01.450.870 --- sperm count

MeSH E01.450.890 --- urinalysis

MeSH E01.789 --- prognosis

MeSH E01.789.200 --- disease-free survival

MeSH E01.789.600 --- medical futility

MeSH E01.789.700 --- pregnancy outcome

MeSH E01.789.800 --- treatment outcome

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