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The following is a list of the "E" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH E02 --- therapeutics

MeSH E02.037 --- acoustic stimulation

MeSH E02.056 --- balneology

MeSH E02.056.020 --- ammotherapy

MeSH E02.056.110 --- baths

MeSH E02.056.610 --- mud therapy

MeSH E02.056.902 --- steam bath

MeSH E02.075 --- bed rest

MeSH E02.085 --- behavior control

MeSH E02.085.700 --- restraint, physical

MeSH E02.095 --- biological therapy

MeSH E02.095.125 --- blood patch, epidural

MeSH E02.095.135 --- blood transfusion

MeSH E02.095.160 --- cytapheresis

MeSH E02.095.301 --- gene therapy

MeSH E02.095.410 --- hematopoietic stem cell mobilization

MeSH E02.095.520 --- immunotherapy

MeSH E02.095.601 --- oncolytic virotherapy

MeSH E02.095.682 --- organotherapy

MeSH E02.120 --- blood component removal

MeSH E02.120.142 --- bone marrow purging

MeSH E02.120.285 --- cytapheresis

MeSH E02.120.527 --- leukocyte reduction procedures

MeSH E02.120.770 --- plasmapheresis

MeSH E02.145 --- cardiac pacing, artificial

MeSH E02.148 --- catheterization

MeSH E02.148.050 --- angioplasty

MeSH E02.148.102 --- balloon dilatation

MeSH E02.148.106 --- balloon occlusion

MeSH E02.148.110 --- catheter ablation

MeSH E02.148.167 --- catheterization, central venous

MeSH E02.148.224 --- catheterization, peripheral

MeSH E02.148.442 --- heart catheterization

MeSH E02.148.694 --- radiography, interventional

MeSH E02.148.947 --- urinary catheterization

MeSH E02.154 --- cautery

MeSH E02.154.402 --- electrocoagulation

MeSH E02.183 --- clinical protocols

MeSH E02.183.750 --- antineoplastic protocols

MeSH E02.186 --- combined modality therapy

MeSH E02.186.170 --- chemotherapy, adjuvant

MeSH E02.186.250 --- electroacupuncture

MeSH E02.186.450 --- neoadjuvant therapy

MeSH E02.186.500 --- photochemotherapy

MeSH E02.186.750 --- radioimmunotherapy

MeSH E02.186.775 --- radiotherapy, adjuvant

MeSH E02.186.800 --- salvage therapy

MeSH E02.190 --- complementary therapies

MeSH E02.190.044 --- acupuncture therapy

MeSH E02.190.088 --- anthroposophy

MeSH E02.190.321 --- holistic health

MeSH E02.190.388 --- homeopathy

MeSH E02.190.488 --- medicine, traditional

MeSH E02.190.525 --- mind-body and relaxation techniques

MeSH E02.190.599 --- musculoskeletal manipulations

MeSH E02.190.633 --- natural childbirth

MeSH E02.190.655 --- naturopathy

MeSH E02.190.701 --- organotherapy

MeSH E02.190.755 --- phytotherapy

MeSH E02.190.799 --- reflexotherapy

MeSH E02.190.822 --- rejuvenation

MeSH E02.190.888 --- sensory art therapies

MeSH E02.190.901 --- spiritual therapies

MeSH E02.218 --- cosmetic techniques

MeSH E02.218.085 --- body modification, non-therapeutic

MeSH E02.218.170 --- chemexfoliation

MeSH E02.218.210 --- dermabrasion

MeSH E02.218.372 --- hair removal

MeSH E02.218.530 --- lipectomy

MeSH E02.218.565 --- mammaplasty

MeSH E02.218.755 --- rhinoplasty

MeSH E02.218.765 --- rhytidoplasty

MeSH E02.258 --- cryotherapy

MeSH E02.258.750 --- hypothermia, induced

MeSH E02.278 --- decompression

MeSH E02.278.500 --- lower body negative pressure

MeSH E02.299 --- directly observed therapy

MeSH E02.309 --- drainage

MeSH E02.309.221 --- drainage, postural

MeSH E02.319 --- drug therapy

MeSH E02.319.077 --- antineoplastic protocols

MeSH E02.319.155 --- chelation therapy

MeSH E02.319.162 --- chemoprevention

MeSH E02.319.170 --- chemotherapy, adjuvant

MeSH E02.319.235 --- chronotherapy

MeSH E02.319.300 --- drug delivery systems

MeSH E02.319.310 --- drug therapy, combination

MeSH E02.319.335 --- drug therapy, computer-assisted

MeSH E02.319.347 --- enema

MeSH E02.319.360 --- fluid therapy

MeSH E02.319.444 --- home infusion therapy

MeSH E02.319.452 --- hormone replacement therapy

MeSH E02.319.529 --- medication errors

MeSH E02.319.630 --- orthomolecular therapy

MeSH E02.319.685 --- photochemotherapy

MeSH E02.319.694 --- pleurodesis

MeSH E02.319.698 --- polypharmacy

MeSH E02.319.703 --- premedication

MeSH E02.319.720 --- prescriptions, drug

MeSH E02.319.805 --- sclerotherapy

MeSH E02.319.890 --- self administration

MeSH E02.319.900 --- self medication

MeSH E02.319.913 --- thrombolytic therapy

MeSH E02.342 --- electric stimulation therapy

MeSH E02.342.250 --- deep brain stimulation

MeSH E02.342.287 --- electric countershock

MeSH E02.342.543 --- electroacupuncture

MeSH E02.342.800 --- transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation

MeSH E02.365 --- emergency treatment

MeSH E02.365.305 --- first aid

MeSH E02.365.647 --- resuscitation

MeSH E02.365.839 --- transportation of patients

MeSH E02.403 --- exercise movement techniques

MeSH E02.403.124 --- breathing exercises

MeSH E02.403.186 --- dance therapy

MeSH E02.403.249 --- drainage, postural

MeSH E02.403.500 --- exercise

MeSH E02.403.750 --- exercise therapy

MeSH E02.403.906 --- relaxation

MeSH E02.403.909 --- relaxation techniques

MeSH E02.403.913 --- tai ji

MeSH E02.403.921 --- walking

MeSH E02.403.937 --- yoga

MeSH E02.421 --- feeding methods

MeSH E02.421.150 --- bottle feeding

MeSH E02.421.360 --- enteral nutrition

MeSH E02.421.505 --- parenteral nutrition

MeSH E02.467 --- fetal therapies

MeSH E02.467.500 --- blood transfusion, intrauterine

MeSH E02.467.750 --- fetoscopy

MeSH E02.514 --- hemodilution

MeSH E02.520 --- hemostatic techniques

MeSH E02.520.179 --- balloon occlusion

MeSH E02.520.360 --- embolization, therapeutic

MeSH E02.520.425 --- hemostasis, endoscopic

MeSH E02.520.490 --- hemostasis, surgical

MeSH E02.533 --- hydrotherapy

MeSH E02.547 --- hygiene

MeSH E02.547.600 --- oral hygiene

MeSH E02.547.800 --- skin care

MeSH E02.565 --- hyperthermia, induced

MeSH E02.565.020 --- ammotherapy

MeSH E02.565.280 --- diathermy

MeSH E02.565.640 --- steam bath

MeSH E02.583 --- insufflation

MeSH E02.592 --- ischemic preconditioning

MeSH E02.592.325 --- ischemic preconditioning, myocardial

MeSH E02.596 --- leeching

MeSH E02.600 --- lithotripsy

MeSH E02.600.500 --- lithotripsy, laser

MeSH E02.642 --- nutrition therapy

MeSH E02.642.249 --- diet therapy

MeSH E02.642.500 --- nutritional support

MeSH E02.695 --- musculoskeletal manipulations

MeSH E02.695.199 --- exercise therapy

MeSH E02.695.344 --- kinesiology, applied

MeSH E02.695.421 --- manipulation, chiropractic

MeSH E02.695.433 --- manipulation, orthopedic

MeSH E02.695.444 --- manipulation, osteopathic

MeSH E02.695.466 --- manipulation, spinal

MeSH E02.695.522 --- massage

MeSH E02.695.644 --- myofunctional therapy

MeSH E02.718 --- orthopedic procedures

MeSH E02.718.500 --- intervertebral disk chemolysis

MeSH E02.730 --- orthoptics

MeSH E02.760 --- patient care

MeSH E02.760.058 --- aftercare

MeSH E02.760.106 --- ambulatory care

MeSH E02.760.190 --- critical care

MeSH E02.760.215 --- custodial care

MeSH E02.760.246 --- day care

MeSH E02.760.300 --- episode of care

MeSH E02.760.352 --- foster home care

MeSH E02.760.400 --- hospitalization

MeSH E02.760.415 --- institutionalization

MeSH E02.760.440 --- life support care

MeSH E02.760.476 --- long-term care

MeSH E02.760.564 --- night care

MeSH E02.760.611 --- nursing care

MeSH E02.760.666 --- palliative care

MeSH E02.760.703 --- perinatal care

MeSH E02.760.722 --- perioperative care

MeSH E02.760.741 --- postnatal care

MeSH E02.760.775 --- preconception care

MeSH E02.760.786 --- prenatal care

MeSH E02.760.795 --- preoperative care

MeSH E02.760.850 --- subacute care

MeSH E02.760.905 --- terminal care

MeSH E02.760.952 --- withholding treatment

MeSH E02.770 --- patient isolation

MeSH E02.774 --- phototherapy

MeSH E02.774.215 --- color therapy

MeSH E02.774.430 --- heliotherapy

MeSH E02.774.500 --- laser therapy, low-level

MeSH E02.774.722 --- photochemotherapy

MeSH E02.774.945 --- ultraviolet therapy

MeSH E02.779 --- physical therapy modalities

MeSH E02.779.249 --- balneology

MeSH E02.779.468 --- electric stimulation therapy

MeSH E02.779.480 --- exercise therapy

MeSH E02.779.492 --- hydrotherapy

MeSH E02.779.496 --- hyperthermia, induced

MeSH E02.779.735 --- musculoskeletal manipulations

MeSH E02.785 --- placebos

MeSH E02.790 --- prescriptions, non-drug

MeSH E02.800 --- punctures

MeSH E02.800.090 --- body piercing

MeSH E02.800.550 --- paracentesis

MeSH E02.800.558 --- phlebotomy

MeSH E02.815 --- radiotherapy

MeSH E02.815.150 --- brachytherapy

MeSH E02.815.190 --- cranial irradiation

MeSH E02.815.270 --- hemibody irradiation

MeSH E02.815.350 --- lymphatic irradiation

MeSH E02.815.520 --- radioimmunotherapy

MeSH E02.815.530 --- radiosurgery

MeSH E02.815.600 --- radiotherapy, adjuvant

MeSH E02.815.635 --- radiotherapy, computer-assisted

MeSH E02.815.639 --- radiotherapy dosage

MeSH E02.815.722 --- radiotherapy, high-energy

MeSH E02.815.814 --- whole-body irradiation

MeSH E02.815.907 --- x-ray therapy

MeSH E02.831 --- physical rehabilitation

MeSH E02.831.067 --- activities of daily living

MeSH E02.831.100 --- art therapy

MeSH E02.831.169 --- bibliotherapy

MeSH E02.831.230 --- dance therapy

MeSH E02.831.335 --- early ambulation

MeSH E02.831.387 --- exercise therapy

MeSH E02.831.440 --- music therapy

MeSH E02.831.489 --- occupational therapy

MeSH E02.831.671 --- rehabilitation of hearing impaired

MeSH E02.831.727 --- rehabilitation of speech and language disorders

MeSH E02.831.782 --- rehabilitation, vocational

MeSH E02.849 --- rejuvenation

MeSH E02.860 --- remission induction

MeSH E02.870 --- renal replacement therapy

MeSH E02.870.300 --- renal dialysis

MeSH E02.870.350 --- hemofiltration

MeSH E02.870.500 --- kidney transplantation

MeSH E02.875 --- reproductive techniques

MeSH E02.875.194 --- contraception

MeSH E02.875.390 --- fallopian tube patency tests

MeSH E02.875.540 --- insemination, artificial

MeSH E02.875.690 --- ovulation detection

MeSH E02.875.745 --- ovulation prediction

MeSH E02.875.800 --- reproductive techniques, assisted

MeSH E02.875.900 --- tocolysis

MeSH E02.880 --- respiratory therapy

MeSH E02.880.150 --- drainage, postural

MeSH E02.880.301 --- extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

MeSH E02.880.495 --- chest wall oscillation

MeSH E02.880.690 --- oxygen inhalation therapy

MeSH E02.880.820 --- respiration, artificial

MeSH E02.887 --- retreatment

MeSH E02.891 --- rewarming

MeSH E02.895 --- salvage therapy

MeSH E02.900 --- self care

MeSH E02.900.100 --- blood glucose self-monitoring

MeSH E02.900.890 --- self administration

MeSH E02.900.900 --- self medication

MeSH E02.912 --- sorption detoxification

MeSH E02.912.300 --- enterosorption

MeSH E02.912.400 --- hemofiltration

MeSH E02.912.430 --- hemoperfusion

MeSH E02.912.715 --- plasmapheresis

MeSH E02.912.800 --- renal dialysis

MeSH E02.921 --- thalassotherapy

MeSH E02.931 --- therapies, investigational

MeSH E02.950 --- therapy, computer-assisted

MeSH E02.950.825 --- radiotherapy planning, computer-assisted

MeSH E02.950.875 --- surgery, computer-assisted

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