List of MeSH codes (E04)

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The following is a list of the "E" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH E04 --- surgical procedures, operative

MeSH E04.030 --- ambulatory surgical procedures

MeSH E04.035 --- anastomosis, surgical

MeSH E04.050 --- assisted circulation

MeSH E04.062 --- bariatric surgery

MeSH E04.074 --- biopsy

MeSH E04.085 --- body modification, non-therapeutic

MeSH E04.100 --- cardiovascular surgical procedures

MeSH E04.143 --- cryosurgery

MeSH E04.157 --- curettage

MeSH E04.176 --- debridement

MeSH E04.188 --- decompression, surgical

MeSH E04.190 --- deep brain stimulation

MeSH E04.199 --- device removal

MeSH E04.210 --- digestive system surgical procedures

MeSH E04.221 --- dissection

MeSH E04.237 --- drainage

MeSH E04.262 --- electrosurgery

MeSH E04.270 --- endocrine surgical procedures

MeSH E04.292 --- extracorporeal circulation

MeSH E04.350 --- hemostasis, surgical

MeSH E04.365 --- intraoperative care

MeSH E04.375 --- intraoperative period

MeSH E04.406 --- laparotomy

MeSH E04.416 --- laser surgery

MeSH E04.426 --- ligation

MeSH E04.446 --- lymph node excision

MeSH E04.466 --- mastectomy

MeSH E04.494 --- microsurgery

MeSH E04.510 --- monitoring, intraoperative

MeSH E04.520 --- obstetric surgical procedures

MeSH E04.525 --- neurosurgical procedures

MeSH E04.540 --- ophthalmologic surgical procedures

MeSH E04.545 --- oral surgical procedures

MeSH E04.555 --- orthopedic procedures

MeSH E04.579 --- ostomy

MeSH E04.580 --- otorhinolaryngologic surgical procedures

MeSH E04.581 --- paracentesis

MeSH E04.584 --- pelvic exenteration

MeSH E04.604 --- perioperative care

MeSH E04.624 --- postoperative care

MeSH E04.630 --- postoperative period

MeSH E04.641 --- preoperative care

MeSH E04.650 --- prosthesis implantation

MeSH E04.680 --- reconstructive surgical procedures

MeSH E04.690 --- reoperation

MeSH E04.708 --- second-look surgery

MeSH E04.726 --- splenectomy

MeSH E04.772 --- surgical procedures, elective

MeSH E04.800 --- surgical procedures, minimally invasive

MeSH E04.806 --- surgical procedures, minor

MeSH E04.901 --- suture techniques

MeSH E04.910 --- symphysiotomy

MeSH E04.928 --- thoracic surgical procedures

MeSH E04.932 --- tissue and organ harvesting

MeSH E04.936 --- transplantation

MeSH E04.950 --- urogenital surgical procedures

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