List of MeSH codes (E07)

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The following is a list of the "E" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

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MeSH E07 --- equipment and supplies

MeSH E07.043 --- amplifiers

MeSH E07.079 --- atmosphere exposure chambers

MeSH E07.101 --- bandages

MeSH E07.115 --- bioreactors

MeSH E07.150 --- catheters, indwelling

MeSH E07.190 --- contraceptive devices

MeSH E07.206 --- culture media

MeSH E07.222 --- dental equipment

MeSH E07.230 --- diagnostic equipment

MeSH E07.252 --- disposable equipment

MeSH E07.278 --- durable medical equipment

MeSH E07.292 --- electric power supplies

MeSH E07.296 --- electrodes

MeSH E07.315 --- emergency medical tags

MeSH E07.325 --- equipment and supplies, hospital

MeSH E07.390 --- g suits

MeSH E07.420 --- gamma cameras

MeSH E07.427 --- gas scavengers

MeSH E07.430 --- gastric balloon

MeSH E07.461 --- incubators

MeSH E07.490 --- infant equipment

MeSH E07.505 --- infusion pumps

MeSH E07.515 --- intermittent pneumatic compression devices

MeSH E07.525 --- lasers

MeSH E07.532 --- lenses

MeSH E07.546 --- medicine chests

MeSH E07.553 --- microbubbles

MeSH E07.560 --- micropore filters

MeSH E07.565 --- microspheres

MeSH E07.605 --- nebulizers and vaporizers

MeSH E07.612 --- needles

MeSH E07.652 --- oxygenators

MeSH E07.671 --- phantoms, imaging

MeSH E07.695 --- prostheses and implants

MeSH E07.700 --- protective devices

MeSH E07.720 --- reagent kits, diagnostic

MeSH E07.796 --- self-help devices

MeSH E07.814 --- sensory aids

MeSH E07.858 --- surgical equipment

MeSH E07.862 --- surgically-created structures

MeSH E07.877 --- syringes

MeSH E07.900 --- thermometers

MeSH E07.913 --- tomography scanners, x-ray computed

MeSH E07.926 --- tourniquets

MeSH E07.943 --- transducers

MeSH E07.945 --- transplants

MeSH E07.950 --- ventilators, mechanical

MeSH E07.960 --- x-ray film

MeSH E07.970 --- x-ray intensifying screens

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