List of MeSH codes (G03)

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The following is a list of the "G" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

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MeSH G03 --- environment and public health

MeSH G03.230 --- environment[disambiguation needed]

MeSH G03.230.058 --- altitude

MeSH G03.230.069 --- cities

MeSH G03.230.074 --- confined spaces

MeSH G03.230.080 --- conservation of natural resources

MeSH G03.230.100 --- disasters

MeSH G03.230.124 --- ecosystem

MeSH G03.230.132 --- energy-generating resources

MeSH G03.230.150 --- environment, controlled

MeSH G03.230.200 --- environment design

MeSH G03.230.230 --- extraterrestrial environment

MeSH G03.230.265 --- greenhouse effect

MeSH G03.230.300 --- meteorological factors

MeSH G03.230.400 --- noise

MeSH G03.230.480 --- odors

MeSH G03.230.560 --- seasons

MeSH G03.230.600 --- soil

MeSH G03.230.700 --- water

MeSH G03.850 --- public health

MeSH G03.850.110 --- accidents

MeSH G03.850.160 --- carrier state

MeSH G03.850.210 --- consumer product safety

MeSH G03.850.290 --- disease outbreaks

MeSH G03.850.295 --- disease reservoirs

MeSH G03.850.310 --- disease transmission

MeSH G03.850.360 --- drug contamination

MeSH G03.850.392 --- endemic diseases

MeSH G03.850.420 --- environmental medicine

MeSH G03.850.425 --- environmental microbiology

MeSH G03.850.460 --- environmental pollution

MeSH G03.850.490 --- epidemiologic factors

MeSH G03.850.505 --- epidemiologic measurements

MeSH G03.850.520 --- epidemiologic methods

MeSH G03.850.540 --- equipment contamination

MeSH G03.850.585 --- equipment reuse

MeSH G03.850.630 --- health education

MeSH G03.850.650 --- health transition

MeSH G03.850.670 --- hygiene

MeSH G03.850.780 --- public health practice

MeSH G03.850.810 --- radiologic health

MeSH G03.850.860 --- sanitation

MeSH G03.890 --- public health dentistry

MeSH G03.890.160 --- dental health surveys

MeSH G03.890.235 --- fluoridation

MeSH G03.890.410 --- health education, dental

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