List of MeSH codes (M01)

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The following is a list of the "M" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH M01 --- persons[sửa]

MeSH M01.050 --- abortion applicants[sửa]

MeSH M01.055 --- adult children[sửa]

MeSH M01.060 --- age groups[sửa]

MeSH M01.085 --- caregivers[sửa]

MeSH M01.093 --- child of impaired parents[sửa]

MeSH M01.097 --- child, abandoned[sửa]

MeSH M01.102 --- child, exceptional[sửa]

MeSH M01.111 --- child, unwanted[sửa]

MeSH M01.120 --- consultants[sửa]

MeSH M01.135 --- crime victims[sửa]

MeSH M01.150 --- disabled persons[sửa]

MeSH M01.228 --- famous persons[sửa]

MeSH M01.252 --- friends[sửa]

MeSH M01.276 --- homebound persons[sửa]

MeSH M01.325 --- homeless persons[sửa]

MeSH M01.352 --- jehovah's witnesses[sửa]

MeSH M01.380 --- legal guardians[sửa]

MeSH M01.385 --- medically uninsured[sửa]

MeSH M01.390 --- men[sửa]

MeSH M01.395 --- mentors[sửa]

MeSH M01.416 --- minors[sửa]

MeSH M01.438 --- multiple birth offspring[sửa]

MeSH M01.526 --- occupational groups[sửa]

MeSH M01.620 --- parents[sửa]

MeSH M01.643 --- patients[sửa]

MeSH M01.686 --- population groups[sửa]

MeSH M01.729 --- prisoners[sửa]

MeSH M01.755 --- refugees[sửa]

MeSH M01.770 --- research personnel[sửa]

MeSH M01.774 --- research subjects[sửa]

MeSH M01.778 --- sexual partners[sửa]

MeSH M01.781 --- siblings[sửa]

MeSH M01.785 --- single person[sửa]

MeSH M01.816 --- spouses[sửa]

MeSH M01.848 --- students[sửa]

MeSH M01.860 --- survivors[sửa]

MeSH M01.873 --- terminally ill[sửa]

MeSH M01.898 --- tissue donors[sửa]

MeSH M01.920 --- transients and migrants[sửa]

MeSH M01.930 --- veterans[sửa]

MeSH M01.935 --- visitors to patients[sửa]

MeSH M01.955 --- voluntary workers[sửa]

MeSH M01.965 --- vulnerable populations[sửa]

MeSH M01.975 --- women[sửa]

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