The improvement of T shape transducer applied for force measurement of muscle contraction

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Cải tiến cảm biến hình T ứng dụng trong đo lực của quá trình co cơ
 Tạp chí [[The 84th Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan]] 2007 March 3; 84 (1):
 Tác giả   Kien Nguyen Phan, Kobayashi Takakazu
 Nơi thực hiện   Electronics Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology
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[[Category: The 84th Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan]]


In our research, we try to design a new transducer which using for force measurement during muscle contraction of myofibrils. We have used the principle of magnetic force of cubodial permanent magnets which exerts on metal materials in order to create a novel transducer that having T shape. The transducer is suitable for measurement of contractile force with 1µN resolution. In order to increase high resolution for measurement application, we have improved its natural frequency. As results shown, the natural frequency of our transducer have increased up to more than 100 Hz without reduce the weight. Beside that, we also found out the new way to manufacture very small steel needle with the size of 5 to 10 micrometer and even smaller. Natural frequency of the system can adjust by changing distance between two cubodial permanent magnets. Force measurement of biological application used laser reflection measurement by position sensitive detector circuit. We have successfully used this transducer to measure the force of glycerinated single fiber during its contractile and found that, it is useful for myofibrils level. In the future, we will continue to improve measurement system that will use for myofibril and/or myocyte measurement.

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