List of MeSH codes (A11)

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The following is a list of the "A" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH A11 --- cells

MeSH A11.063 --- antibody-producing cells

MeSH A11.063.438 --- b-lymphocytes

MeSH A11.066 --- antigen-presenting cells

MeSH A11.066.270 --- dendritic cells

MeSH A11.066.275 --- dendritic cells, follicular

MeSH A11.085 --- apud cells

MeSH A11.104 --- blastomeres

MeSH A11.118 --- blood cells

MeSH A11.118.188 --- blood platelets

MeSH A11.118.290 --- erythrocytes

MeSH A11.118.480 --- hemocytes

MeSH A11.118.637 --- leukocytes

MeSH A11.148 --- bone marrow cells

MeSH A11.148.350 --- granulocytes

MeSH A11.148.378 --- hematopoietic stem cells

MeSH A11.148.580 --- monocytes

MeSH A11.251 --- cells, cultured

MeSH A11.251.210 --- cell line

MeSH A11.251.353 --- clone cells

MeSH A11.251.600 --- hybrid cells

MeSH A11.251.800 --- spheroids, cellular

MeSH A11.251.860 --- tumor cells, cultured

MeSH A11.270 --- cells, immobilized

MeSH A11.284 --- cellular structures

MeSH A11.284.149 --- cell membrane

MeSH A11.284.180 --- cell surface extensions

MeSH A11.284.183 --- cell wall

MeSH A11.284.187 --- chromosomes

MeSH A11.284.295 --- extracellular space

MeSH A11.284.420 --- inclusion bodies

MeSH A11.284.430 --- intracellular space

MeSH A11.284.835 --- subcellular fractions

MeSH A11.299 --- chromaffin cells

MeSH A11.299.500 --- pc12 cells

MeSH A11.329 --- connective tissue cells

MeSH A11.329.114 --- adipocytes

MeSH A11.329.171 --- chondrocytes

MeSH A11.329.228 --- fibroblasts

MeSH A11.329.372 --- macrophages

MeSH A11.329.427 --- mast cells

MeSH A11.329.522 --- odontoblasts

MeSH A11.329.629 --- osteoblasts

MeSH A11.329.830 --- stromal cells

MeSH A11.329.850 --- theca cells

MeSH A11.436 --- epithelial cells

MeSH A11.436.107 --- ameloblasts

MeSH A11.436.140 --- caco-2 cells

MeSH A11.436.150 --- chief cells, gastric

MeSH A11.436.155 --- cho cells

MeSH A11.436.265 --- chromatophores

MeSH A11.436.270 --- dendritic cells

MeSH A11.436.275 --- endothelial cells

MeSH A11.436.290 --- enterocytes

MeSH A11.436.294 --- enteroendocrine cells

MeSH A11.436.298 --- goblet cells

MeSH A11.436.300 --- granulosa cells

MeSH A11.436.340 --- hela cells

MeSH A11.436.348 --- hepatocytes

MeSH A11.436.365 --- ht29 cells

MeSH A11.436.397 --- keratinocytes

MeSH A11.436.495 --- labyrinth supporting cells

MeSH A11.436.520 --- llc-pk1 cells

MeSH A11.436.613 --- melanocytes

MeSH A11.436.660 --- merkel cells

MeSH A11.436.690 --- neuroepithelial cells

MeSH A11.436.700 --- paneth cells

MeSH A11.436.708 --- parietal cells, gastric

MeSH A11.436.720 --- podocytes

MeSH A11.436.829 --- sertoli cells

MeSH A11.436.955 --- vero cells

MeSH A11.443 --- erythroid cells

MeSH A11.443.240 --- erythrocytes

MeSH A11.443.250 --- erythroid progenitor cells

MeSH A11.450 --- eukaryotic cells

MeSH A11.497 --- germ cells

MeSH A11.497.497 --- ovum

MeSH A11.497.760 --- spermatozoa

MeSH A11.502 --- giant cells

MeSH A11.502.376 --- giant cells, foreign-body

MeSH A11.502.380 --- giant cells, langhans

MeSH A11.593 --- leydig cells

MeSH A11.600 --- luteal cells

MeSH A11.620 --- muscle cells

MeSH A11.620.249 --- muscle fibers

MeSH A11.620.500 --- myocytes, cardiac

MeSH A11.620.520 --- myocytes, smooth muscle

MeSH A11.627 --- myeloid cells

MeSH A11.627.340 --- granulocytes

MeSH A11.627.624 --- monocytes

MeSH A11.627.635 --- myeloid progenitor cells

MeSH A11.635 --- myoblasts

MeSH A11.635.470 --- myoblasts, cardiac

MeSH A11.635.500 --- myoblasts, skeletal

MeSH A11.635.510 --- myoblasts, smooth muscle

MeSH A11.650 --- neuroglia

MeSH A11.650.200 --- astrocytes

MeSH A11.650.400 --- microglia

MeSH A11.650.500 --- neuropil

MeSH A11.650.600 --- oligodendroglia

MeSH A11.650.775 --- satellite cells, perineuronal

MeSH A11.650.800 --- schwann cells

MeSH A11.671 --- neurons

MeSH A11.671.078 --- autonomic fibers, postganglionic

MeSH A11.671.107 --- autonomic fibers, preganglionic

MeSH A11.671.137 --- axons

MeSH A11.671.240 --- dendrites

MeSH A11.671.300 --- growth cones

MeSH A11.671.358 --- interneurons

MeSH A11.671.460 --- lewy bodies

MeSH A11.671.514 --- nerve fibers, myelinated

MeSH A11.671.543 --- neurites

MeSH A11.671.573 --- neurofibrils

MeSH A11.671.650 --- neurons, afferent

MeSH A11.671.655 --- neurons, efferent

MeSH A11.671.685 --- neuropil

MeSH A11.671.693 --- nissl bodies

MeSH A11.671.738 --- nitrergic neurons

MeSH A11.671.784 --- purkinje cells

MeSH A11.671.790 --- pyramidal cells

MeSH A11.671.846 --- senile plaques

MeSH A11.690 --- oxyphil cells

MeSH A11.710 --- pericytes

MeSH A11.733 --- phagocytes

MeSH A11.733.397 --- macrophages

MeSH A11.733.547 --- monocytes

MeSH A11.733.689 --- neutrophils

MeSH A11.760 --- prokaryotic cells

MeSH A11.789 --- protoplasts

MeSH A11.828 --- reed-sternberg cells

MeSH A11.868 --- spheroplasts

MeSH A11.872 --- stem cells

MeSH A11.872.228 --- fibroblasts

MeSH A11.872.378 --- hematopoietic stem cells

MeSH A11.872.580 --- mesenchymal stem cells

MeSH A11.872.590 --- multipotent stem cells

MeSH A11.872.645 --- myoblasts

MeSH A11.872.700 --- pluripotent stem cells

MeSH A11.872.870 --- totipotent stem cells

MeSH A11.872.910 --- tumor stem cells

MeSH A11.936 --- trophoblasts

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