List of MeSH codes (C12)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C12 --- urologic and male genital diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.147 --- fournier gangrene[sửa]

MeSH C12.294 --- genital diseases, male[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.199 --- epididymitis[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.260 --- genital neoplasms, male[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.287 --- hematocele[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.293 --- hemospermia[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.300 --- herpes genitalis[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.340 --- hydrocele[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.365 --- infertility[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.494 --- penile diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.565 --- prostatic diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.644 --- sexual dysfunction, physiological[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.693 --- spermatic cord torsion[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.731 --- spermatocele[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.829 --- testicular diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.889 --- tuberculosis, male genital[sửa]

MeSH C12.294.936 --- varicocele[sửa]

MeSH C12.672 --- tuberculosis, urogenital[sửa]

MeSH C12.672.721 --- tuberculosis, male genital[sửa]

MeSH C12.672.847 --- tuberculosis, renal[sửa]

MeSH C12.740 --- urogenital diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.740.700 --- urogenital abnormalities[sửa]

MeSH C12.740.800 --- urogenital neoplasms[sửa]

MeSH C12.777 --- urologic diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.103 --- bladder diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.295 --- hematuria[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.337 --- hemoglobinuria[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.419 --- kidney diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.584 --- proteinuria[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.725 --- ureteral diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.767 --- urethral diseases[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.809 --- urinary calculi[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.850 --- urinary fistula[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.892 --- urinary tract infections[sửa]

MeSH C12.777.934 --- urination disorders[sửa]

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