List of MeSH codes (C13)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH C13 --- female genital diseases and pregnancy complications

MeSH C13.371 --- genital diseases, female

MeSH C13.371.056 --- adnexal diseases

MeSH C13.371.163 --- endometriosis

MeSH C13.371.320 --- gynatresia

MeSH C13.371.342 --- herpes genitalis

MeSH C13.371.365 --- infertility

MeSH C13.371.665 --- sexual dysfunction, physiological

MeSH C13.371.820 --- urogenital diseases

MeSH C13.371.852 --- uterine diseases

MeSH C13.371.894 --- vaginal diseases

MeSH C13.371.944 --- vulvar diseases

MeSH C13.703 --- pregnancy complications

MeSH C13.703.039 --- abortion, spontaneous

MeSH C13.703.141 --- chorea gravidarum

MeSH C13.703.170 --- diabetes, gestational

MeSH C13.703.243 --- fetal death

MeSH C13.703.277 --- fetal diseases

MeSH C13.703.395 --- hypertension, pregnancy-induced

MeSH C13.703.420 --- obstetric labor complications

MeSH C13.703.490 --- morning sickness

MeSH C13.703.560 --- oligohydramnios

MeSH C13.703.570 --- pemphigoid gestationis

MeSH C13.703.575 --- phenylketonuria, maternal

MeSH C13.703.590 --- placenta diseases

MeSH C13.703.610 --- polyhydramnios

MeSH C13.703.634 --- pregnancy complications, cardiovascular

MeSH C13.703.667 --- pregnancy complications, hematologic

MeSH C13.703.700 --- pregnancy complications, infectious

MeSH C13.703.720 --- pregnancy complications, neoplastic

MeSH C13.703.726 --- pregnancy in diabetics

MeSH C13.703.733 --- pregnancy, ectopic

MeSH C13.703.805 --- pregnancy, prolonged

MeSH C13.703.824 --- prenatal injuries

MeSH C13.703.844 --- puerperal disorders

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