List of MeSH codes (C16)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

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MeSH C16 --- congenital, hereditary, and neonatal diseases and abnormalities

MeSH C16.131 --- abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.042 --- abnormalities, drug-induced

MeSH C16.131.077 --- abnormalities, multiple

MeSH C16.131.080 --- abnormalities, radiation-induced

MeSH C16.131.240 --- cardiovascular abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.260 --- chromosome disorders

MeSH C16.131.300 --- digeorge syndrome

MeSH C16.131.314 --- digestive system abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.384 --- eye abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.482 --- lymphatic abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.581 --- monsters

MeSH C16.131.621 --- musculoskeletal abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.666 --- nervous system malformations

MeSH C16.131.740 --- respiratory system abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.810 --- situs inversus

MeSH C16.131.831 --- skin abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.850 --- stomatognathic system abnormalities

MeSH C16.131.894 --- thyroid dysgenesis

MeSH C16.131.939 --- urogenital abnormalities

MeSH C16.300 --- fetal diseases

MeSH C16.300.030 --- chorioamnionitis

MeSH C16.300.060 --- erythroblastosis, fetal

MeSH C16.300.080 --- fetal alcohol syndrome

MeSH C16.300.100 --- fetal hypoxia

MeSH C16.300.390 --- fetal growth retardation

MeSH C16.300.570 --- fetal macrosomia

MeSH C16.300.580 --- meconium aspiration syndrome

MeSH C16.320 --- genetic diseases, inborn

MeSH C16.320.033 --- adrenal hyperplasia, congenital

MeSH C16.320.070 --- anemia, hemolytic, congenital

MeSH C16.320.077 --- anemia, hypoplastic, congenital

MeSH C16.320.080 --- ataxia telangiectasia

MeSH C16.320.099 --- blood coagulation disorders, inherited

MeSH C16.320.129 --- cadasil

MeSH C16.320.160 --- cardiomyopathy, hypertrophic, familial

MeSH C16.320.170 --- cherubism

MeSH C16.320.180 --- chromosome disorders

MeSH C16.320.190 --- cystic fibrosis

MeSH C16.320.240 --- dwarfism

MeSH C16.320.290 --- eye diseases, hereditary

MeSH C16.320.306 --- familial mediterranean fever

MeSH C16.320.322 --- genetic diseases, x-linked

MeSH C16.320.338 --- genetic diseases, y-linked

MeSH C16.320.355 --- hajdu-cheney syndrome

MeSH C16.320.365 --- hemoglobinopathies

MeSH C16.320.400 --- heredodegenerative disorders, nervous system

MeSH C16.320.427 --- hyperthyroxinemia, familial dysalbuminemic

MeSH C16.320.455 --- jervell-lange nielsen syndrome

MeSH C16.320.467 --- kallmann syndrome

MeSH C16.320.480 --- kartagener syndrome

MeSH C16.320.540 --- marfan syndrome

MeSH C16.320.565 --- metabolism, inborn errors

MeSH C16.320.577 --- muscular dystrophies

MeSH C16.320.590 --- myasthenic syndromes, congenital

MeSH C16.320.600 --- nail-patella syndrome

MeSH C16.320.700 --- neoplastic syndromes, hereditary

MeSH C16.320.737 --- osteogenesis imperfecta

MeSH C16.320.775 --- pain insensitivity, congenital

MeSH C16.320.800 --- romano-ward syndrome

MeSH C16.320.850 --- skin diseases, genetic

MeSH C16.320.925 --- werner syndrome

MeSH C16.614 --- infant, newborn, diseases

MeSH C16.614.042 --- amniotic band syndrome

MeSH C16.614.053 --- anemia, neonatal

MeSH C16.614.092 --- asphyxia neonatorum

MeSH C16.614.131 --- birth injuries

MeSH C16.614.213 --- cystic fibrosis

MeSH C16.614.258 --- epilepsy, benign neonatal

MeSH C16.614.304 --- erythroblastosis, fetal

MeSH C16.614.378 --- hemorrhagic disease of newborn

MeSH C16.614.390 --- hernia, umbilical

MeSH C16.614.414 --- hydrocephalus

MeSH C16.614.438 --- hydrophthalmos

MeSH C16.614.451 --- hyperbilirubinemia, neonatal

MeSH C16.614.465 --- hyperostosis, cortical, congenital

MeSH C16.614.492 --- ichthyosis

MeSH C16.614.521 --- infant, premature, diseases

MeSH C16.614.580 --- meconium aspiration syndrome

MeSH C16.614.595 --- mobius syndrome

MeSH C16.614.610 --- neonatal abstinence syndrome

MeSH C16.614.643 --- nystagmus, congenital

MeSH C16.614.677 --- ophthalmia neonatorum

MeSH C16.614.694 --- persistent fetal circulation syndrome

MeSH C16.614.716 --- persistent hyperinsulinemia hypoglycemia of infancy

MeSH C16.614.760 --- rothmund-thomson syndrome

MeSH C16.614.810 --- sclerema neonatorum

MeSH C16.614.815 --- severe combined immunodeficiency

MeSH C16.614.868 --- syphilis, congenital

MeSH C16.614.890 --- thanatophoric dysplasia

MeSH C16.614.909 --- toxoplasmosis, congenital

MeSH C16.614.947 --- wolman disease

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