List of MeSH codes (C17)

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The following is a list of the "C" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

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MeSH C17 --- skin and connective tissue diseases

MeSH C17.300 --- connective tissue diseases

MeSH C17.300.050 --- alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency

MeSH C17.300.182 --- cartilage diseases

MeSH C17.300.185 --- cellulitis

MeSH C17.300.200 --- collagen diseases

MeSH C17.300.230 --- cutis laxa

MeSH C17.300.250 --- dermatomyositis

MeSH C17.300.270 --- dupuytren's contracture

MeSH C17.300.428 --- homocystinuria

MeSH C17.300.475 --- lupus erythematosus, cutaneous

MeSH C17.300.480 --- lupus erythematosus, systemic

MeSH C17.300.500 --- marfan syndrome

MeSH C17.300.540 --- mixed connective tissue disease

MeSH C17.300.550 --- mucinoses

MeSH C17.300.680 --- neoplasms, connective tissue

MeSH C17.300.690 --- noonan syndrome

MeSH C17.300.705 --- osteopoikilosis

MeSH C17.300.710 --- panniculitis

MeSH C17.300.715 --- penile induration

MeSH C17.300.766 --- pseudoxanthoma elasticum

MeSH C17.300.775 --- rheumatic diseases

MeSH C17.300.787 --- scleroderma, localized

MeSH C17.300.799 --- scleroderma, systemic

MeSH C17.800 --- skin diseases

MeSH C17.800.030 --- acneiform eruptions

MeSH C17.800.060 --- angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia

MeSH C17.800.090 --- breast diseases

MeSH C17.800.120 --- cicatrix

MeSH C17.800.135 --- cutaneous fistula

MeSH C17.800.174 --- dermatitis

MeSH C17.800.185 --- dermatomyositis

MeSH C17.800.229 --- erythema

MeSH C17.800.257 --- exanthema

MeSH C17.800.271 --- facial dermatoses

MeSH C17.800.321 --- foot diseases

MeSH C17.800.329 --- hair diseases

MeSH C17.800.338 --- hand dermatoses

MeSH C17.800.417 --- keratoacanthoma

MeSH C17.800.428 --- keratosis

MeSH C17.800.446 --- leg dermatoses

MeSH C17.800.463 --- lipomatosis

MeSH C17.800.480 --- lupus erythematosus, cutaneous

MeSH C17.800.508 --- mastocytosis

MeSH C17.800.529 --- nail diseases

MeSH C17.800.550 --- necrobiotic disorders

MeSH C17.800.566 --- panniculitis

MeSH C17.800.600 --- photosensitivity disorders

MeSH C17.800.621 --- pigmentation disorders

MeSH C17.800.674 --- prurigo

MeSH C17.800.685 --- pruritus

MeSH C17.800.695 --- pyoderma

MeSH C17.800.716 --- rosacea

MeSH C17.800.738 --- scalp dermatoses

MeSH C17.800.751 --- scleredema adultorum

MeSH C17.800.767 --- scleroderma, localized

MeSH C17.800.784 --- scleroderma, systemic

MeSH C17.800.794 --- sebaceous gland diseases

MeSH C17.800.804 --- skin abnormalities

MeSH C17.800.815 --- skin diseases, eczematous

MeSH C17.800.827 --- skin diseases, genetic

MeSH C17.800.838 --- skin diseases, infectious

MeSH C17.800.849 --- skin diseases, metabolic

MeSH C17.800.859 --- skin diseases, papulosquamous

MeSH C17.800.862 --- skin diseases, vascular

MeSH C17.800.865 --- skin diseases, vesiculobullous

MeSH C17.800.871 --- skin manifestations

MeSH C17.800.882 --- skin neoplasms

MeSH C17.800.893 --- skin ulcer

MeSH C17.800.946 --- sweat gland diseases

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