List of MeSH codes (G04)

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The following is a list of the "G" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH G04 --- biological phenomena, cell phenomena, and immunity

MeSH G04.185 --- biological phenomena

MeSH G04.185.057 --- adaptation, biological

MeSH G04.185.149 --- biodegradation

MeSH G04.185.194 --- biogenesis

MeSH G04.185.320 --- eutrophication

MeSH G04.185.349 --- evolution

MeSH G04.185.379 --- fluid shifts

MeSH G04.185.410 --- host-parasite relations

MeSH G04.185.515 --- microbiologic phenomena

MeSH G04.185.672 --- pigmentation

MeSH G04.185.712 --- recovery of function

MeSH G04.185.753 --- regeneration

MeSH G04.185.800 --- remission, spontaneous

MeSH G04.185.848 --- symbiosis

MeSH G04.185.908 --- tissue survival

MeSH G04.335 --- cell physiology

MeSH G04.335.117 --- cell adhesion

MeSH G04.335.119 --- cell aging

MeSH G04.335.122 --- cell communication

MeSH G04.335.125 --- cell compartmentation

MeSH G04.335.130 --- cell count

MeSH G04.335.134 --- cell cycle

MeSH G04.335.139 --- cell death

MeSH G04.335.151 --- cell differentiation

MeSH G04.335.217 --- cell fusion

MeSH G04.335.233 --- cell growth processes

MeSH G04.335.250 --- cell membrane permeability

MeSH G04.335.283 --- cell movement

MeSH G04.335.300 --- cell polarity

MeSH G04.335.305 --- cell respiration

MeSH G04.335.309 --- cell shape

MeSH G04.335.313 --- cell size

MeSH G04.335.316 --- cell survival

MeSH G04.335.355 --- contact inhibition

MeSH G04.335.418 --- cytoplasmic streaming

MeSH G04.335.452 --- dna packaging

MeSH G04.335.487 --- endocytosis

MeSH G04.335.532 --- exocytosis

MeSH G04.335.591 --- ion channel gating

MeSH G04.335.650 --- lymphocyte cooperation

MeSH G04.335.670 --- membrane fusion

MeSH G04.335.723 --- mitochondrial swelling

MeSH G04.335.857 --- receptor aggregation

MeSH G04.335.862 --- receptor cross-talk

MeSH G04.335.880 --- signal transduction

MeSH G04.610 --- immunity

MeSH G04.610.040 --- antibody-dependent enhancement

MeSH G04.610.051 --- antibody diversity

MeSH G04.610.071 --- antibody formation

MeSH G04.610.106 --- antibody specificity

MeSH G04.610.143 --- antigen-antibody reactions

MeSH G04.610.192 --- autoimmunity

MeSH G04.610.248 --- cd4-cd8 ratio

MeSH G04.610.255 --- complement activation

MeSH G04.610.260 --- cross-priming

MeSH G04.610.270 --- cytotoxicity, immunologic

MeSH G04.610.300 --- dose-response relationship, immunologic

MeSH G04.610.431 --- histamine release

MeSH G04.610.440 --- hiv seronegativity

MeSH G04.610.484 --- immune tolerance

MeSH G04.610.519 --- immunity, active

MeSH G04.610.555 --- immunity, cellular

MeSH G04.610.562 --- immunity, herd

MeSH G04.610.570 --- immunity, maternally-acquired

MeSH G04.610.573 --- immunity, mucosal

MeSH G04.610.575 --- immunity, natural

MeSH G04.610.612 --- immunocompetence

MeSH G04.610.619 --- immunocompromised host

MeSH G04.610.626 --- immunogenetics

MeSH G04.610.662 --- immunologic memory

MeSH G04.610.749 --- lymphocyte cooperation

MeSH G04.610.795 --- neuroimmunomodulation

MeSH G04.610.810 --- neutrophil activation

MeSH G04.610.857 --- neutrophil infiltration

MeSH G04.610.900 --- t-cell antigen receptor specificity

MeSH G04.610.905 --- tumor escape

MeSH G04.742 --- plant physiology

MeSH G04.742.300 --- germination

MeSH G04.742.450 --- gravity perception

MeSH G04.742.600 --- photosynthesis

MeSH G04.742.675 --- plant diseases

MeSH G04.742.745 --- plant infertility

MeSH G04.742.750 --- plant transpiration

MeSH G04.742.800 --- tropism

MeSH G04.875 --- species specificity

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