List of MeSH codes (G06)

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The following is a list of the "G" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH G06 --- biochemical phenomena, metabolism, and nutrition

MeSH G06.184 --- biochemical phenomena

MeSH G06.184.029 --- acid-base equilibrium

MeSH G06.184.035 --- aerobiosis

MeSH G06.184.060 --- allosteric regulation

MeSH G06.184.065 --- amino acid substitution

MeSH G06.184.070 --- anaerobiosis

MeSH G06.184.124 --- base composition

MeSH G06.184.154 --- binding sites

MeSH G06.184.179 --- body composition

MeSH G06.184.202 --- brain chemistry

MeSH G06.184.227 --- calcification, physiologic

MeSH G06.184.307 --- diffusion

MeSH G06.184.320 --- down-regulation

MeSH G06.184.348 --- energy transfer

MeSH G06.184.368 --- enzyme activation

MeSH G06.184.378 --- enzyme stability

MeSH G06.184.405 --- fermentation

MeSH G06.184.480 --- ion transport

MeSH G06.184.568 --- membrane fluidity

MeSH G06.184.589 --- molecular mimicry

MeSH G06.184.603 --- molecular structure

MeSH G06.184.620 --- nitrogen fixation

MeSH G06.184.627 --- nitrosation

MeSH G06.184.642 --- nucleic acid denaturation

MeSH G06.184.661 --- nucleic acid hybridization

MeSH G06.184.680 --- nucleic acid renaturation

MeSH G06.184.708 --- osmosis

MeSH G06.184.775 --- protein binding

MeSH G06.184.794 --- protein denaturation

MeSH G06.184.797 --- protein folding

MeSH G06.184.800 --- protein hybridization

MeSH G06.184.807 --- protein renaturation

MeSH G06.184.835 --- rna stability

MeSH G06.184.842 --- sequence homology

MeSH G06.184.850 --- signal transduction

MeSH G06.184.872 --- structure-activity relationship

MeSH G06.184.880 --- substrate specificity

MeSH G06.184.910 --- up-regulation

MeSH G06.184.941 --- virus replication

MeSH G06.184.963 --- water-electrolyte balance

MeSH G06.535 --- metabolism

MeSH G06.535.023 --- absorption

MeSH G06.535.095 --- acylation

MeSH G06.535.130 --- alkylation

MeSH G06.535.140 --- amination

MeSH G06.535.166 --- biological transport

MeSH G06.535.233 --- biotinylation

MeSH G06.535.256 --- carbohydrate metabolism

MeSH G06.535.300 --- cyclization

MeSH G06.535.305 --- dealkylation

MeSH G06.535.310 --- deamination

MeSH G06.535.315 --- decarboxylation

MeSH G06.535.320 --- dimerization

MeSH G06.535.327 --- electron transport

MeSH G06.535.335 --- energy metabolism

MeSH G06.535.355 --- enterohepatic circulation

MeSH G06.535.368 --- enzyme activation

MeSH G06.535.475 --- esterification

MeSH G06.535.504 --- glycosylation

MeSH G06.535.506 --- hydrogenation

MeSH G06.535.508 --- hydrolysis

MeSH G06.535.510 --- hydroxylation

MeSH G06.535.516 --- kallikrein-kinin system

MeSH G06.535.520 --- lipid metabolism

MeSH G06.535.650 --- nitrogen fixation

MeSH G06.535.655 --- nitrosation

MeSH G06.535.710 --- oxidative stress

MeSH G06.535.723 --- oxygen consumption

MeSH G06.535.770 --- peptide biosynthesis

MeSH G06.535.780 --- pharmacokinetics

MeSH G06.535.790 --- phosphorylation

MeSH G06.535.800 --- protein binding

MeSH G06.535.805 --- renin-angiotensin system

MeSH G06.535.839 --- rna processing, post-transcriptional

MeSH G06.535.873 --- secretory rate

MeSH G06.535.890 --- substrate cycling

MeSH G06.535.910 --- tissue distribution

MeSH G06.696 --- nutrition

MeSH G06.696.116 --- animal nutrition

MeSH G06.696.259 --- child nutrition

MeSH G06.696.384 --- diet

MeSH G06.696.560 --- maternal nutrition

MeSH G06.696.736 --- nutritional requirements

MeSH G06.696.738 --- nutritional status

MeSH G06.696.741 --- nutritive value

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