List of MeSH codes (G14)

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The following is a list of the "G" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH G14 --- genetic structures

MeSH G14.080 --- base sequence

MeSH G14.080.040 --- at rich sequence

MeSH G14.080.380 --- gc rich sequence

MeSH G14.080.534 --- matrix attachment regions

MeSH G14.080.689 --- regulatory sequences, nucleic acid

MeSH G14.080.708 --- repetitive sequences, nucleic acid

MeSH G14.160 --- chromosome structures

MeSH G14.160.165 --- centromere

MeSH G14.160.175 --- chromatids

MeSH G14.160.180 --- chromatin

MeSH G14.160.650 --- nucleolus organizer region

MeSH G14.160.830 --- synaptonemal complex

MeSH G14.160.845 --- telomere

MeSH G14.162 --- chromosomes

MeSH G14.162.167 --- chromosomes, archaeal

MeSH G14.162.178 --- chromosomes, artificial

MeSH G14.162.190 --- chromosomes, bacterial

MeSH G14.162.360 --- chromosomes, fungal

MeSH G14.162.520 --- chromosomes, mammalian

MeSH G14.162.560 --- chromosomes, plant

MeSH G14.162.570 --- isochromosomes

MeSH G14.162.788 --- ring chromosomes

MeSH G14.162.865 --- sex chromosomes

MeSH G14.325 --- gene library

MeSH G14.325.425 --- genomic library

MeSH G14.325.640 --- peptide library

MeSH G14.335 --- genetic code

MeSH G14.335.060 --- anticodon

MeSH G14.335.355 --- codon

MeSH G14.335.760 --- reading frames

MeSH G14.337 --- genetic vectors

MeSH G14.337.249 --- chromosomes, artificial

MeSH G14.337.500 --- cosmids

MeSH G14.340 --- genome

MeSH G14.340.024 --- genome components

MeSH G14.340.050 --- genome, archaeal

MeSH G14.340.300 --- genome, bacterial

MeSH G14.340.325 --- genome, fungal

MeSH G14.340.337 --- genome, helminth

MeSH G14.340.350 --- genome, human

MeSH G14.340.357 --- genome, insect

MeSH G14.340.365 --- genome, plant

MeSH G14.340.375 --- genome, protozoan

MeSH G14.340.400 --- genome, viral

MeSH G14.340.425 --- genomic library

MeSH G14.360 --- histone code

MeSH G14.600 --- plasmids

MeSH G14.600.080 --- bacteriocin plasmids

MeSH G14.600.250 --- cosmids

MeSH G14.600.300 --- f factor

MeSH G14.600.430 --- hemolysin factors

MeSH G14.600.500 --- lactose factors

MeSH G14.600.550 --- plant tumor-inducing plasmids

MeSH G14.600.600 --- r factors

MeSH G14.840 --- templates, genetic

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