Tuyển quản lý cho website WikiCALL

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One Common Language Foundation, in partnership with the National Foreign Language 2020 Project of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), Vietnam, is establishing a collaborative web site (Wiki) to assist Teachers of English as a second language to find and use Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) technologies under the name, WikiCALL.org. MOET’s National Foreign Language 2020 Project is an ambitious plan to expand language foreign training from university levels down to early primary school levels. Given the goals of the Ministry, one of the most cost-effective educational strategies is to apply publicly available language software within the classroom setting. Public software, produced by various governments and universities, is a rapidly expanding area of software development. One Common Language Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit organization, is in the process of building a website, WikiCALL.org, that will collect, organize and rate language learning technology to be used by English teachers in Vietnam. This is a full-time career located in Hanoi. More information is available at: www.onecommonlanguage.org/

Office Manager/Software Development Liaison

One Common Language is looking for a special person. Our ambitions are high, but so too are the rewards. As an Office Manager/Software Development Liaison, you will be instrumental in the development of the WikiCALL.org website by coordinating the CALL needs of the Vietnamese English Teachers with the software developers.

The successful candidate will be required to do the following:

  • Develop and implement surveys to a select pool of Vietnamese English language teachers to solicit their input and feedback on the WikiCALL.org web site structure.
  • Based on this feedback, work with the WikiCALL.org software development firm to refine the beta site.
  • Populate the website with appropriate software links and tools.
  • Test the beta site with a select pool of English language teachers and communicate the results to the software development firm for further refinement.
  • Work with MOET to launch the website throughout certain target areas in the country.
  • After the successful launch of the site, the candidate would be expected to continuously supplement the pool of software by forming alliances with governments and universities in Canada, USA, EU and China.
  • The ongoing solicitation of the English teacher’s needs and effective solutions are critical to the success of this position.
  • Additional responsibilities will consist of certain administrative tasks that will be required to establish and support the local office.
  • This is a multi-year, full-time career requiring a full-time commitment.

A candidate is expected to have knowledge of English language education, solid English language skills, good computer skills and the ability to work independently

All qualified candidates should send their application to: Ross Chafe at ross @ onecommonlanguage.org by 10 October 2011. Be part of this exciting opportunity to help support the educational system in Vietnam.