List of MeSH codes (D12.776.097)

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This is is a sub-part (bacterial proteins only) of List of MeSH codes (D12.776), itself a part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH D12.776.097 -- bacterial proteins

MeSH D12.776.097.049 -- arac transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.097.100 -- azurin

MeSH D12.776.097.110 -- bacterial capsules

MeSH D12.776.097.120 -- bacterial outer membrane proteins

MeSH D12.776.097.120.050 -- adhesins, bacterial

MeSH D12.776.097.120.300 -- bacterial transferrin receptor complex

MeSH D12.776.097.120.425 -- fimbriae proteins

MeSH D12.776.097.141 -- bacterial transferrin receptor complex

MeSH D12.776.097.151 -- bacteriocins

MeSH D12.776.097.151.190 -- cloacin

MeSH D12.776.097.151.615 -- megacins

MeSH D12.776.097.151.700 -- nisin

MeSH D12.776.097.151.785 -- pyocins

MeSH D12.776.097.156 -- botulinum toxins

MeSH D12.776.097.156.050 -- botulinum toxin type a

MeSH D12.776.097.162 -- cell wall skeleton

MeSH D12.776.097.181 -- coagulase

MeSH D12.776.097.200 -- colicins

MeSH D12.776.097.275 -- escherichia coli proteins

MeSH D12.776.097.275.500 -- adhesins, escherichia coli

MeSH D12.776.097.275.750 -- colicins

MeSH D12.776.097.293 -- exfoliatins

MeSH D12.776.097.312 -- factor for inversion stimulation protein

MeSH D12.776.097.350 -- ferredoxins

MeSH D12.776.097.350.450 -- molybdoferredoxin

MeSH D12.776.097.350.650 -- rubredoxins

MeSH D12.776.097.380 -- flagellin

MeSH D12.776.097.400 -- flavodoxin

MeSH D12.776.097.445 -- groel protein

MeSH D12.776.097.450 -- groes protein

MeSH D12.776.097.513 -- integration host factors

MeSH D12.776.097.513.500 -- host factor 1 protein

MeSH D12.776.097.529 -- luciferases, bacterial

MeSH D12.776.097.537 -- muts dna mismatch-binding protein

MeSH D12.776.097.545 -- penicillin-binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.097.577 -- periplasmic proteins

MeSH D12.776.097.577.500 -- periplasmic binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.097.698 -- rna polymerase sigma 54

MeSH D12.776.097.820 -- staphylococcal protein a

MeSH D12.776.097.835 -- streptavidin

MeSH D12.776.097.872 -- tetanus toxin

MeSH D12.776.097.910 -- zinostatin