List of MeSH codes (D12.776.395)

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This is is a sub-part (glycoproteins only) of List of MeSH codes (D12.776), itself a part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH D12.776.395 -- glycoproteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.022 -- activins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.022.500 -- inhibin-beta subunits[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.033 -- adam proteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.045 -- alpha 1-antichymotrypsin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.140 -- asialoglycoproteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.175 -- avidin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.207 -- clusterin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.240 -- colony-stimulating factors[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.240.075 -- colony-stimulating factors, recombinant[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.240.150 -- erythropoietin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.240.200 -- granulocyte colony-stimulating factor[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.240.300 -- granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.240.400 -- interleukin-3[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.240.500 -- macrophage colony-stimulating factor[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.240.750 -- thrombopoietin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.401 -- hemopexin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.439 -- inhibins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.439.500 -- inhibin-beta subunits[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.507 -- lactoferrin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550 -- membrane glycoproteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.014 -- antigens, cd47[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.017 -- antigens, cd86[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.020 -- atp-binding cassette transporters[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.030 -- antigens, cd55[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.034 -- antigens, cd58[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.035 -- antigens, cd59[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.045 -- antigens, cd147[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.050 -- antigens, thy-1[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.170 -- ca-15-3 antigen[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.185 -- cd40 ligand[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.200 -- cell adhesion molecules[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.350 -- fibronectins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.400 -- gap-43 protein[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.465 -- kangai-1 protein[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.530 -- laminin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.550 -- lysosome-associated membrane glycoproteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.570 -- myelin-associated glycoprotein[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.625 -- platelet membrane glycoproteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.800 -- synaptophysin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.895 -- thrombospondins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.550.990 -- variant surface glycoproteins, trypanosoma[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560 -- mucoproteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560.186 -- cell wall skeleton[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560.373 -- haptoglobins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560.494 -- intrinsic factor[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560.631 -- mucins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560.742 -- orosomucoid[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560.760 -- ovomucin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560.800 -- peptidoglycan[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.560.825 -- phytohemagglutinins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.570 -- myelin p0 protein[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.600 -- osteonectin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.635 -- protein c[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.642 -- protein s[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.650 -- proteoglycans[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.650.350 -- heparan sulfate proteoglycan[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.650.700 -- platelet factor 4[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.650.750 -- proteochondroitin sulfates[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.690 -- serum amyloid p-component[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.700 -- sialoglycoproteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.700.174 -- antigens, cd43[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.700.350 -- glycophorin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.720 -- thrombopoietin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.768 -- thyroglobulin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.832 -- thyroxine-binding proteins[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.901 -- transcortin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.930 -- tumor necrosis factor-alpha[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.960 -- uteroglobin[sửa]

MeSH D12.776.395.970 -- vitronectin[sửa]