List of MeSH codes (D12.776.476)

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This is is a sub-part (intracellular signaling peptides and proteins only) of List of MeSH codes (D12.776), itself a part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH D12.776.476 -- intracellular signaling peptides and proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.011 -- activating transcription factor 6

MeSH D12.776.476.024 -- adaptor proteins, signal transducing

MeSH D12.776.476.024.280 -- caveolin 1

MeSH D12.776.476.024.295 -- caveolin 2

MeSH D12.776.476.024.311 -- cortactin

MeSH D12.776.476.024.374 -- crk-associated substrate protein

MeSH D12.776.476.024.377 -- grb2 adaptor protein

MeSH D12.776.476.024.379 -- grb7 adaptor protein

MeSH D12.776.476.024.380 -- grb10 adaptor protein

MeSH D12.776.476.024.381 -- interferon-stimulated gene factor 3

MeSH D12.776.476.024.389 -- interferon regulatory factors

MeSH D12.776.476.024.393 -- pii nitrogen regulatory proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.024.397 -- paxillin

MeSH D12.776.476.024.405 -- protein inhibitors of activated stat

MeSH D12.776.476.024.406 -- 14-3-3 proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.024.409 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-crk

MeSH D12.776.476.024.413 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-vav

MeSH D12.776.476.024.417 -- smad proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.024.421 -- stat transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.476.024.437 -- suppressor of cytokine signaling proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.024.500 -- tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated peptides and proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.050 -- adenylate cyclase

MeSH D12.776.476.075 -- apoptosis regulatory proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.075.311 -- apoptosis inducing factor

MeSH D12.776.476.075.405 -- caspases

MeSH D12.776.476.075.437 -- inhibitor of apoptosis proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.075.718 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-bcl-2

MeSH D12.776.476.100 -- ca(2+)-calmodulin dependent protein kinase

MeSH D12.776.476.100.500 -- myosin-light-chain kinase

MeSH D12.776.476.150 -- casein kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.150.300 -- casein kinase i

MeSH D12.776.476.150.600 -- casein kinase ii

MeSH D12.776.476.200 -- cyclic nucleotide-regulated protein kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.200.125 -- cyclic amp-dependent protein kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.200.150 -- cyclic gmp-dependent protein kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.200.575 -- protamine kinase

MeSH D12.776.476.250 -- cyclin-dependent kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.250.067 -- cdc2-cdc28 kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.250.323 -- cyclin-dependent kinase 2

MeSH D12.776.476.250.451 -- cyclin-dependent kinase 4

MeSH D12.776.476.250.515 -- cyclin-dependent kinase 6

MeSH D12.776.476.250.580 -- maturation-promoting factor

MeSH D12.776.476.275 -- eif-2 kinase

MeSH D12.776.476.287 -- focal adhesion protein-tyrosine kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.300 -- glycogen synthase kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.300.500 -- glycogen synthase kinase 3

MeSH D12.776.476.325 -- gtp-binding protein regulators

MeSH D12.776.476.325.150 -- gtpase-activating proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.325.225 -- guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitors

MeSH D12.776.476.325.300 -- guanine nucleotide exchange factors

MeSH D12.776.476.350 -- guanylate cyclase

MeSH D12.776.476.375 -- heterotrimeric gtp-binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.375.100 -- gtp-binding protein alpha subunits

MeSH D12.776.476.375.520 -- gtp-binding protein beta subunits

MeSH D12.776.476.375.730 -- gtp-binding protein gamma subunits

MeSH D12.776.476.375.940 -- transducin

MeSH D12.776.476.378 -- i-kappa b kinase

MeSH D12.776.476.381 -- i-kappa b proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.387 -- intracellular calcium-sensing proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.387.249 -- calmodulin

MeSH D12.776.476.387.311 -- calnexin

MeSH D12.776.476.387.374 -- calreticulin

MeSH D12.776.476.387.437 -- gelsolin

MeSH D12.776.476.387.500 -- neuronal calcium-sensor proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.400 -- map kinase kinase kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.400.100 -- map kinase kinase kinase 1

MeSH D12.776.476.400.200 -- map kinase kinase kinase 2

MeSH D12.776.476.400.300 -- map kinase kinase kinase 3

MeSH D12.776.476.400.400 -- map kinase kinase kinase 4

MeSH D12.776.476.400.500 -- map kinase kinase kinase 5

MeSH D12.776.476.400.800 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-mos

MeSH D12.776.476.400.842 -- raf kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.440 -- mitogen-activated protein kinase kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.440.100 -- map kinase kinase 1

MeSH D12.776.476.440.200 -- map kinase kinase 2

MeSH D12.776.476.440.300 -- map kinase kinase 3

MeSH D12.776.476.440.400 -- map kinase kinase 4

MeSH D12.776.476.440.500 -- map kinase kinase 5

MeSH D12.776.476.440.600 -- map kinase kinase 6

MeSH D12.776.476.440.700 -- map kinase kinase 7

MeSH D12.776.476.450 -- mitogen-activated protein kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.450.169 -- extracellular signal-regulated map kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.450.340 -- jnk mitogen-activated protein kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.450.835 -- p38 mitogen-activated protein kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.525 -- monomeric gtp-binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.525.100 -- adp-ribosylation factors

MeSH D12.776.476.525.400 -- rab gtp-binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.525.450 -- ral gtp-binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.525.462 -- ran gtp-binding protein

MeSH D12.776.476.525.475 -- rap gtp-binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.525.500 -- ras proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.525.700 -- rho gtp-binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.476.543 -- olfactory marker protein

MeSH D12.776.476.562 -- phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein

MeSH D12.776.476.563 -- phospholipase c gamma

MeSH D12.776.476.565 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-akt

MeSH D12.776.476.571 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-fyn

MeSH D12.776.476.590 -- pten phosphohydrolase

MeSH D12.776.476.600 -- ribosomal protein s6 kinases

MeSH D12.776.476.600.249 -- ribosomal protein s6 kinases, 70-kda

MeSH D12.776.476.600.500 -- ribosomal protein s6 kinases, 90-kda