List of MeSH codes (D12.776.930)

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This is a sub-part (transcription factors only) of List of MeSH codes (D12.776), itself a part of the list of the "D" codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.

Source for content is here. (File "2006 MeSH Trees".)

Mục lục

MeSH D12.776.930 -- transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.100 -- adenovirus e1a proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.110 -- adenovirus e1b proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.120 -- antennapedia homeodomain protein

MeSH D12.776.930.125 -- basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.125.500 -- basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.125.625 -- hypoxia-inducible factor 1

MeSH D12.776.930.125.750 -- myogenic regulatory factors

MeSH D12.776.930.125.875 -- twist transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.125.937 -- upstream stimulatory factors

MeSH D12.776.930.127 -- basic-leucine zipper transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.127.061 -- activating transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.127.092 -- basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.127.124 -- ccaat-enhancer-binding proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.127.184 -- cyclic amp response element-binding protein

MeSH D12.776.930.127.186 -- cyclic amp response element-binding protein a

MeSH D12.776.930.127.217 -- cyclic amp response element modulator

MeSH D12.776.930.127.311 -- fos-related antigen-2

MeSH D12.776.930.127.374 -- interferon regulatory factor-1

MeSH D12.776.930.127.500 -- maf transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.127.656 -- nf-e2 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.127.710 -- nf-e2-related factor 1

MeSH D12.776.930.127.737 -- nf-e2-related factor 2

MeSH D12.776.930.127.765 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-fos

MeSH D12.776.930.127.820 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-jun

MeSH D12.776.930.127.875 -- transcription factor ap-1

MeSH D12.776.930.130 -- beta catenin

MeSH D12.776.930.137 -- brca1 protein

MeSH D12.776.930.155 -- core binding factors

MeSH D12.776.930.155.200 -- core binding factor alpha subunits

MeSH D12.776.930.155.400 -- core binding factor beta subunit

MeSH D12.776.930.165 -- cyclic amp receptor protein

MeSH D12.776.930.311 -- e2f transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.311.500 -- e2f1 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.311.625 -- e2f2 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.311.750 -- e2f3 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.311.812 -- e2f4 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.311.875 -- e2f5 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.311.937 -- e2f6 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.311.968 -- e2f7 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.313 -- early growth response transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.313.500 -- early growth response protein 1

MeSH D12.776.930.313.750 -- early growth response protein 2

MeSH D12.776.930.313.875 -- early growth response protein 3

MeSH D12.776.930.316 -- erythroid-specific dna-binding factors

MeSH D12.776.930.316.500 -- gata1 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.316.625 -- gata2 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.316.687 -- gata3 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.316.750 -- nf-e2 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.316.875 -- yy1 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.318 -- fushi tarazu transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.319 -- g-box binding factors

MeSH D12.776.930.321 -- gata transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.321.100 -- gata1 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.321.200 -- gata2 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.321.300 -- gata3 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.321.400 -- gata4 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.321.500 -- gata5 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.321.600 -- gata6 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.322 -- goosecoid protein

MeSH D12.776.930.323 -- hepatocyte nuclear factors

MeSH D12.776.930.323.500 -- hepatocyte nuclear factor 1

MeSH D12.776.930.323.750 -- hepatocyte nuclear factor 3-alpha

MeSH D12.776.930.323.875 -- hepatocyte nuclear factor 3-beta

MeSH D12.776.930.323.937 -- hepatocyte nuclear factor 3-gamma

MeSH D12.776.930.323.968 -- hepatocyte nuclear factor 4

MeSH D12.776.930.323.984 -- hepatocyte nuclear factor 6

MeSH D12.776.930.325 -- host cell factor c1

MeSH D12.776.930.326 -- i-kappa b proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.327 -- immunoglobulin j recombination signal sequence-binding protein

MeSH D12.776.930.329 -- inhibitor of differentiation proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.329.249 -- inhibitor of differentiation protein 1

MeSH D12.776.930.329.500 -- inhibitor of differentiation protein 2

MeSH D12.776.930.332 -- interferon regulatory factors

MeSH D12.776.930.332.124 -- interferon regulatory factor-1

MeSH D12.776.930.332.249 -- interferon regulatory factor-2

MeSH D12.776.930.332.374 -- interferon regulatory factor-3

MeSH D12.776.930.332.437 -- interferon regulatory factor-7

MeSH D12.776.930.332.500 -- interferon-stimulated gene factor 3, gamma subunit

MeSH D12.776.930.354 -- interferon-stimulated gene factor 3

MeSH D12.776.930.354.249 -- interferon-stimulated gene factor 3, alpha subunit

MeSH D12.776.930.354.500 -- interferon-stimulated gene factor 3, gamma subunit

MeSH D12.776.930.375 -- kruppel-like transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.375.500 -- ikaros transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.375.750 -- sp transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.386 -- leucine-responsive regulatory protein

MeSH D12.776.930.397 -- mads domain proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.397.249 -- agamous protein, arabidopsis

MeSH D12.776.930.397.374 -- deficiens protein

MeSH D12.776.930.397.750 -- mcm1 protein

MeSH D12.776.930.397.875 -- serum response factor

MeSH D12.776.930.440 -- msx1 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.483 -- myeloid-lymphoid leukemia protein

MeSH D12.776.930.600 -- nf-kappa b

MeSH D12.776.930.600.124 -- nf-kappa b p50 subunit

MeSH D12.776.930.600.186 -- nf-kappa b p52 subunit

MeSH D12.776.930.600.249 -- transcription factor rela

MeSH D12.776.930.600.500 -- transcription factor relb

MeSH D12.776.930.608 -- nfatc transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.612 -- nfi transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.616 -- nuclear factor 90 proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.616.500 -- nuclear factor 45 protein

MeSH D12.776.930.617 -- nuclear receptor coactivator 2

MeSH D12.776.930.618 -- nuclear respiratory factors

MeSH D12.776.930.618.249 -- ga-binding protein transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.618.500 -- nuclear respiratory factor 1

MeSH D12.776.930.620 -- onecut transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.620.500 -- hepatocyte nuclear factor 6

MeSH D12.776.930.621 -- otx transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.622 -- p300-CBP coactivator family

MeSH D12.776.930.622.600 -- e1a-associated p300 protein

MeSH D12.776.930.626 -- paired box transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.626.500 -- b-cell-specific activator protein

MeSH D12.776.930.626.750 -- pax2 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.626.875 -- pax7 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.626.937 -- pax9 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.630 -- peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors

MeSH D12.776.930.630.500 -- ppar alpha

MeSH D12.776.930.630.530 -- ppar-beta

MeSH D12.776.930.630.555 -- ppar delta

MeSH D12.776.930.630.588 -- ppar gamma

MeSH D12.776.930.632 -- pou domain factors

MeSH D12.776.930.632.500 -- octamer transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.632.625 -- transcription factor brn-3

MeSH D12.776.930.632.750 -- transcription factor pit-1

MeSH D12.776.930.633 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-bcl-6

MeSH D12.776.930.635 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-ets

MeSH D12.776.930.635.100 -- proto-oncogene protein c-ets-1

MeSH D12.776.930.635.200 -- proto-oncogene protein c-ets-2

MeSH D12.776.930.635.400 -- proto-oncogene protein c-fli-1

MeSH D12.776.930.635.600 -- ternary complex factors

MeSH D12.776.930.653 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-myb

MeSH D12.776.930.656 -- proto-oncogene proteins c-rel

MeSH D12.776.930.662 -- receptors, aryl hydrocarbon

MeSH D12.776.930.668 -- receptors, calcitriol

MeSH D12.776.930.670 -- receptors, notch

MeSH D12.776.930.670.500 -- receptor, notch1

MeSH D12.776.930.670.750 -- receptor, notch2

MeSH D12.776.930.675 -- receptors, retinoic acid

MeSH D12.776.930.675.500 -- retinoid x receptors

MeSH D12.776.930.682 -- receptors, steroid

MeSH D12.776.930.682.074 -- coup transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.682.150 -- receptors, androgen

MeSH D12.776.930.682.350 -- receptors, estrogen

MeSH D12.776.930.682.430 -- receptors, glucocorticoid

MeSH D12.776.930.682.530 -- receptors, mineralocorticoid

MeSH D12.776.930.682.765 -- receptors, progesterone

MeSH D12.776.930.691 -- receptors, thyroid hormone

MeSH D12.776.930.691.500 -- thyroid hormone receptors alpha

MeSH D12.776.930.691.750 -- thyroid hormone receptors beta

MeSH D12.776.930.700 -- repressor proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.700.500 -- arac transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.700.750 -- coup transcription factor ii

MeSH D12.776.930.750 -- rho factor

MeSH D12.776.930.775 -- sex-determining region y protein

MeSH D12.776.930.800 -- sigma factor

MeSH D12.776.930.806 -- smad proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.806.500 -- smad proteins, receptor-regulated

MeSH D12.776.930.806.750 -- smad4 protein

MeSH D12.776.930.806.875 -- smad6 protein

MeSH D12.776.930.840 -- stat transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.840.100 -- stat1 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.840.200 -- stat2 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.840.300 -- stat3 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.840.400 -- stat4 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.840.500 -- stat5 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.840.600 -- stat6 transcription factor

MeSH D12.776.930.850 -- t-box domain proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.875 -- tcf transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.875.500 -- lymphoid enhancer-binding factor 1

MeSH D12.776.930.875.750 -- t cell transcription factor 1

MeSH D12.776.930.900 -- trans-activators

MeSH D12.776.930.900.400 -- herpes simplex virus protein vmw65

MeSH D12.776.930.907 -- transcription factor ap-2

MeSH D12.776.930.908 -- transcription factor dp1

MeSH D12.776.930.930 -- transcription factors, general

MeSH D12.776.930.930.092 -- pol1 transcription initiation complex proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.930.186 -- tata-binding protein associated factors

MeSH D12.776.930.930.374 -- tata-box binding protein

MeSH D12.776.930.930.812 -- tata box binding protein-like proteins

MeSH D12.776.930.930.875 -- transcription factors, tfii

MeSH D12.776.930.930.937 -- transcription factors, tfiii

MeSH D12.776.930.955 -- transcriptional elongation factors

MeSH D12.776.930.955.500 -- positive transcriptional elongation factor b

MeSH D12.776.930.960 -- tristetraprolin

MeSH D12.776.930.977 -- winged-helix transcription factors

MeSH D12.776.930.977.249 -- forkhead transcription factors